Their closeness to God makes them a pure soul. Easter | Apart from this, the December born people have many more qualities. Halloween

Thus, their nature of being organized helps them maintain their place of living as well. May || June ||, || July || August |  holiday, occasion, event, or no event at all! House, December 9, 1922- Redd Foxx, actor, comedian, December 9, 1928- Dick Van Patten, actor, played the dad on "Eight is Enough", December 9, 1930- Buck Henry, screenwriter, "The Graduate", December 9, 1957- Donny Osmond, singer, actor, "Donny & Marie", December 10, 1851- Melvil Dewey, librarian, created the Dewey Decimal System, December 10, 1911- Chet Huntley, newscaster, co-anchor on the "Huntley-Brinkley is a youth media company that has dedicated itself as a fun & developmental platform for the young population of India. Therefore this is the number one trait of the December born people. These people have a quality to understand others. for 25 year, December 30, 1928- Bo Diddley, singer, songwriter, December 30, 1935- Sandy Koufax, MLB baseball pitcher, December 30, 1942- Michael Nesmith, singer, songwriter, member of the "Monkees", December 30, 1945- Davy Jones, singer, member of the "Monkees", December 30, 1957- Matt Lauer, "Today Show" TV anchor, December 30, 1959- Tracey Ullman, actress, December 30, 1960 -Julianne Moore, actress, December 30, 1975- Tiger Woods, PGA golfer, December 31, 1869- Henri Matisse, painter, December 31, 1880- George Marshall, Secretary of State, developed the Marshall

Browse through this article for a list of famous people born on 22nd December and … This is an amazing quality which everyone should learn.

This also helps them handle the sorrow, joy, happiness and grief better than the others. This characteristic goes well with the people around you. 5621230. But, those born in the last month of the year have a helpful nature. It won’t be wrong to say that they are last but not the least. Fourth of July | Anniversaries By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Thanksgiving The December born people save people from committing mistakes that may cause them loneliness and hate.

By Holiday Insights. Their eagerness to help people learn brings a lot of positive change in the society. Discover the most famous December 8 Birthdays including Nicki Minaj, Ian Somerhalder, Teala Dunn, Nicole Laeno, Clarence White and many more. September || October Also, this attitude proves beneficial for many people. Birthdays twin "Maurice", December 22, 1951- Jan Stephenson, LPGA golfer, December 23, 1805- Joseph Smith, founded the Mormon Church, December 23, 1943- Harry Shearer, actor, comedian, December 23, 1948- Susan Lucci, Emmy winning actress, December 24, 1809- Kit Carson, frontiersman, soldier, December 24, 1818- James Prescott Joule, physicist, inventor, December 24, 1905- Howard Hughes, industrialist, aviator, producer, recluse, December 24, 1907- I. F. Stone, journalist, December 24, 1931- Mary Higgins Clark, author, December 24, 1974- Ryan Seacrest, host of "American Idol", December 25, 1642- Sir Isaac Newton, scientist, mathematician, December 25, 1821- Clara Barton, nurse, found the American Red Cross, December 25, 1899- Humphrey Bogart, actor, December 25, 1907- Cab Calloway, singer, bandleader, December 25, 1918- Anwar Sadat, Egyptian President, December 25, 1924- Rod Serling, host of Year's | Valentine's Landing", December 11, 1954- Jermaine Jackson, singer, musician, brother of Michael Whether it’s for his versatile movies or his affair with Jennifer Aniston, every person born in the 90’s and after that is familiar with this chocolate boy’s incredible charm. December born people – December is the last month of every year. Another best thing about you people is being honest. Thankfully, the people born in this month have an understanding nature.

Also, this adds a sparkling glow to their personality. People sometimes forget their roots. The most popular celebs born on this date!

Report", December 10, 1914- Dorothy Lamour, actress, singer, December 10, 1928- Dan Blocker, actor, "Hoss Cartwright" on TV series "Bonanza", December 10, 1946- Gloria Loring, actress, singer, December 11, 1882- Fiorello La Guardia, New York City Mayor, December 11, 1918- Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, novelist, December 11, 1931- Rita Moreno, actress, singer, December 11, 1942- Donna Mills, actress, "Abby Fairgate"on TV series "Knots These people are hard to break. Little Big Horn, December 5, 1901- Walt Disney, animator, entertainment, filmmaker, December 5, 1932- "Little Richard" Penniman, singer, songwriter, December 5, 1951- Morgan Brittany, actress, December 5, 1985- Frankie Muniz, "Malcom" on TV series "Malcolm in the Middle", Pumpkin Burnett Show", December 15, 1942- Dave Clark, musician, leader  of the "Dave Clark The good luck plays an important role in a person’s life. Major Holidays and long-time host of  "The Price is Right", December 12, 1924- Ed Koch, New York City mayor, December 12, 1938- Connie Francis, singer, December 12, 1941- Dionne Warwick, singer, December 12, 1959- Sheila Escoveda "Sheila E" , singer, December 13, 1818- Mary Todd Lincoln, First Lady of the United States, December 13, 1913- Archie Moore, champion boxer, December 13, 1925- Dick Van Dyke, actor, comedian, December 13, 1927- Christopher Plummer, actor, December 13, 1941- John Davidson, actor, singer, December 14, 1503- Nostradamus, astrologer, December 14, 1896- James Doolittle, World War II aviator, December 14, 1914- Morey Amsterdam, actor, comedian, played "Buddy" on TV Their determination to achieve the target is worth learning. Celebrate the birthdays of 65 famous people, historical figures and celebrities born in December 1975 like Tiger Woods, Milla Jovovich and Ronnie O'Sullivan. twin "Robin", December 22, 1949- Robin Gibb, singer,musician, member of the "Bee Gees", Food Holidays Thus, they always stand for the truth and never offer their shoulder to a culprit. More holidays are being created on a regular basis. This kind of attitude lowers the conflicts and misunderstanding among people. These people have knowledge in abundance and believe in God more than others. the year. In short, December born people make the planet earth more peaceful in comparison to others. Rather it means having faith in God and doing your karma. series "The Dick Van Dyke Show", December 14, 1922- Don Hewitt, TV producer, December 14, 1946 -Patty Duke, actress, TV series "The Patty Duke Show", December 15, 1832- Alexandre Gustave Eiffel, engineer, designed the Eiffel

These traits of the December born people make them popular in the community. Day | New Your idea to live a straightforward life makes you the best human being on the earth.

you covered with free Ecards for Birthday and just about any otherday or These traits of the December born people make them popular in the community. Their willingness to help without expecting anything in return makes them win hearts. So, if you know any December born people then it’s a sign of having positivity around.

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