The dream deals with the following themes I believe strongly in family life and I am losing my home and also my family seems to lack interest and support in my time of need.

It is interesting to know what dreams are about when the trees fall under the onslaught of a large animal.

•Dream interpretation - a double dinner in hospital A tree is symbolic of nurturing energies if it is a fruit bearing tree. Here are seven signs a tree may be in danger of falling: Related: Disaster Preparedness?

purse, •Dream interpretation river takes house away. By reading the accompanying epitaph it becomes clear that this picture is not symbolic but literal.

•Ex turns off intersection - dream interpretation

Well, she heard that I would be leaving very soon and asked to speak to me once more over the phone.

Tree Omens. When you dreamed of a storm dropping down a centuries-old oak tree, a symbol of inviolability, Navi’s dreambook warns that inaction and hope of chance can lead to trouble, a familiar environment will become unsafe.. As I drove and spoke to the other person on the phone I said there are trees everywhere. When you dreamed of a storm dropping down a centuries-old oak tree, a symbol of inviolability, Navi’s dreambook warns that inaction and hope of chance can lead to trouble, a familiar environment will become unsafe. Usually seen on a younger person's gravestone. Create a free website or blog at I am The Shaded Elephant, a traveling individual who spends all their time and resources investing into the hidden truths that connect themselves to who I truly am and once was. The road in my dream is not actually my street, but I knew in my head this was street and I don't see the house.

Over and over again it played… It was almost as though someone was gently whispering into my ears. The house is the dreamers house.

Tree worship, known as dendrolatry, refers to the tendency of societies throughout history to worship and mythologize trees. As I pondered this day these experiences my lady-friend had embodied early in the day echoed throughout my thoughts again, along with this proverbial saying I once knew and learned in this very town probably around the time I was once with her. They have been given deep meaning through the ages. It shows self development, stability and your strengths.
•Dream interpretation river takes house away

•Dream - Having a baby Yuri Longo believes that falling trees in a dream reflect dark thoughts that are not given the go-ahead in real life.

It might even feel relieved that the dead weight is finally gone.

An alternate symbol is a broken flower bud, or rose stem, or a broken or fallen column. That can lead to decay inside the tree.

It was to fulfill a conversation I had never realized I had always needed and that we had never had.

Since a tree represents life, a broken tree is a common symbol of death. Some people believe that butterflies are harbingers of guests to come. In some way I felt a huge freedom from a trap that was not my own, and for my friend I think she found the same, and in doing so released us both…. Despite this woman’s charming and timeless allure, it was an immense relief. It is probably a dream about the dreamers new home to be (one which she has not yet seen).

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