Discovered in 1958, it’s regarded as one of the rarest lizards in the world!

St Lucia hasn’t always been St Lucia!

St Lucia’s economy depends primarily on tourism and agriculture – particularly bananas and other exotic fruits, such as mangoes.

Official Language: Russian Find out all about the cool country of Peru!

Clothing and electronic goods are also exported too, but on a smaller scale. Today it is home to a range of religions, music, languages and delicious foods!

Europe Facts | Landmarks: Five out of the top ten tourist destinations in the world are located in Europe.

By the time slavery was abolished (ended) in St Lucia in 1834, there were more than 13,000 black slaves, around 2,500 free black people and around 2,300 white people living on the island.

Among the many ethnic groups of the continent, the Greek tribes and the Germanic and the Italic people (later also the Roman Empire) had vast influences on the whole region as had the Celts.

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There are about 120 ethnic groups in Russia who speak more than a hundred languages.

The city state, an enclave within Italy, is the smallest country both by population and by size. St Lucia is well-known for its vast variety of birdlife!

St Lucia was one of the last colonies to do so, becoming an independent nation in 1979.

St Lucia’s previous names, Iyonola and Hewanorra, mean “island of the iguanas”. Read more about the EU here.

The highest peak in the European Alps is Mont Blanc. Later during the Middle Ages, the population increased due to the Vikings, Mongols, Huns, Magyars, Tartars and many other peoples that arrived and settled in the area. In 1650, the French managed to successfully establish a lasting settlement, and in 1660 they signed a peace treaty with the local Caribs, agreeing to live in harmony.


Area: 17, 075, 200 square kilometres St Lucia is well-known for its vast variety of birdlife! The European continent houses 50 countries. The national bird of St Lucia is the Saint Lucian Parrot (the Amazona versicolor), which is one of five native parrot species and 157 bird species that live on the island.

Four snake species can be found on the island – the worm snake, the St Lucia lance head (the fer de lance, a viper), the St Lucia racer and the St Lucia boa constrictor. 11.

The depth of the Russian history and culture simply fascinates me. To book visit: The entire population of St Lucia is approximately 178,000 people. The most common crops are cereals such as wheat, maize and barley as well as sugar beets, potatoes, vegetables and fruits and wine. Let us know in a comment, below!

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