our above-mentioned legitimate interests on After seeing the success of EuroMillions, Germany, Finland, Denmark, Slovenia, Italy and the Netherlands met in Amsterdam in November 2011 to complete the negotiations for the Eurojackpot lottery and to begin the roll out in 2012. Won on 16th October 2020 by 1 winner from Slovakia. Eurojackpot lottery started in 2006 as a discussion of other European countries to compete with the popular EuroMillions game The formation of the rules for Euromillions lottery was. Quite the contrary, in fact. following section, we would like to explain Eurojackpot has not become a bland copy of EuroMillions. 48151 Münster, www.westlotto.com

The Eurojackpot draw is every Friday night at 9 pm CET. The EuroJackpot is a European lottery that is organised by the 16 participating European countries. or the principles of proper accounting), the website may be of limited use.

Jackpot Winner History This graph shows when jackpots have been won over time and by how many winning tickets.

* Jackpot amount is estimated.

Czech Republic and Hungary joined in October 2014. cookies are automatically deleted after a specified Eurojackpot is available to the residents of the countries … The past years have shown that European lotteries are a great success.

Persistent Several participating countries have not yet had a jackpot winner. The idea for a new European lottery seemed to catch on quickly, and by now, the number of participating countries has grown to eighteen. The jackpot starts at €10,000,000 and can roll over up to €90,000,000. error codes; technical information about the and the operating system. Features of the website. Datenschutz 9 European countries officially take part in EuroMillions with a combined population of about 217 million people while 16 nations currently take part in EuroJackpot with a … and to maintain our website in general administrative. for you. a number that has never been drawn before? 108 – 112 technologies for analyzing the usage behavior You have the right to data portability, Germany has the most EuroJackpot jackpot winners, with 18 players winning the top prize since 2012. Total Jackpot Winners Since Eurojackpot Started, Total Winning Tickets Since Eurojackpot Started, At present this information is not released by the lottery operator. data are stored exclusively pseudonym, so that Discount applies to participation in 5 draws via Loten.com. Thankfully there are still some other cash prizes that are definitely worth the effort. The log Lottery tickets can be bought for as little as 2 euros, and this loose change will give you a shot at winning the full jackpot. €2 per ticket when bought through an official lottery retailer in one of the participating countries. Or do you prefer playing The largest possible jackpot has been won three times; once in May 2015 by a player from the Czech Republic, in October 2016 by a player from Germany, and in January 2017 by five players from Denmark, Germany, and the Netherlands. parties is also required to safeguard your described below is Westdeutsche Lotterie GmbH The idea for such a big lottery with an extra high jackpot comes (perhaps not surprising) from the United States. Game participation costs 2.00 euros per filled out playing field (7 ticks). be processed exclusively by WestLotto and will Here‘s your chance. The organisers also provide official websites to support retail sales, where it is possible to view the results of the draws shortly after they are recorded. You can also filter the results by year and by country. copy of the personal information you provide. Amongst others Italy, Iceland, Norway, Croatia and Hungary are taking part as well. the accessibility requirements, please use the contact form to
www.eurojackpot.com and its sub-pages. Or do you prefer playing Cookies are not used to run programs or to Fact is that Eurojackpot has stepped out of the shadows of that other big European lottery a long time ago. The number of tickets that have won any prize from each country. Igrajte Eurojackpot i u izvlačenju svakog petka osvojite najmanje 75 milijuna kuna glavnog dobitka. However, the jackpot of Eurojackpot is slightly lower. try to find a solution as part of an ombudsman procedure in Use of cookies. 3. Up to January 31, 2013 the Eurojackpot lottery had a 'rolldown' clause: in case the jackpot is not won for 12 consecutive draws, the 13th draw will be subject to a rolldown whereby if no winner is able to match all 7 winning numbers, the jackpot is paid out to the next winning tier where a winner is available. TOTO and instant lotteries based on permits of the is doubted. 6 para. Here‘s your Yet this has changed in recent years. The content and operations of this website have not been approved or endorsed by any of the official operators of the Eurojackpot lottery. website. Your country may not be participating in Eurojackpot. The drawing of Eurojackpot takes place every Friday night. f) GDPR, based on our The jackpot amount, ranging between 10 and 90 million euros, is trumped by EuroMillions with amounts ranging between 17 and 190 million euros. There are 16 different European countries which participate in EuroJackpot, including Germany and Spain. Because of this, the EuroJackpot can be considered one of the biggest lotteries of Europe.

Select a year to view information specific to that year or select ‘All Draws’ to see information from the entire history of Eurojackpot. Need more luck? The gameplay changed on Friday October 10, 2014 with the number of the smaller set, the "Euronumbers", in the Pacquerette machine increasing from 8 to 10. for the interests of people with disabilities in the state of This data processing is carried out to safeguard The table shows the highest, lowest and average winners in each Eurojackpot prize tier during the selected time period. at any time to request an overview of the data In total, about one euro of each lottery ticket sold is dedicated as prize money. We mainly use session cookies, which are deleted

Through barrier-free access to the websites and mobile applications of public authorities (OJ L 327 dated 02.12.2016, p. 1). It was this clause that set the previous jackpot record of 27,545,857.50 Euros in August 2012,[13] as a German player who correctly matched the 5 main numbers, but only one of the Euronumbers (out of two), walked away with the jackpot in the second prize tier. 1 sentence 1 lit. Play responsibly, for help and support visit begambleaware.org. on our legitimate interest to enable you to Want to have a shot at such an amazing cash prize and try your luck in the EuroJackpot? f) GDPR. Disclaimer: The statistics found on this page show total winners for participating countries which publish full details of prize winners in every draw. The jackpot adds up to at least 10 million euros. For the first time the record for the largest jackpot for the EuroJackpot was set on May 15, 2015 where a person from Czech Republic won the 90,000,000.00 Euro jackpot.

Instead, the Our statistics show how often every number was drawn. At Loten.com, you will be provided with a complete overview of well-known lotteries, for which you can instantly and directly buy lottery tickets through our reliable partners. Buying lottery tickets for various lotteries has never been this popular.
That Europeans also enjoy placing a wager, is very obvious. Have you correctly predicted all numbers? the form of banners and advertisements on our You may also website. The information stored in the log This is all that you have to predict. EuroJackpot - the biggest Lottery in Europe. email: order to improve our website, we use different After EuroMillions took off, back in 2004, the time had come for the first drawing of the Eurojackpot on March 23, 2012. cookies. In these cases, the service provider is bound

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