The word “carnage” has a Latin root and it comes from the word “carne”, which means “meat” or “flesh”. Who knows what they might think of you if you say the wrong thing or say it incorrectly? Input is all the listening and reading — everything about the English language that you absorb. So, why’s this seemingly simple skill so difficult to master? Listen for words and phrases that you can understand. Go through the recipe step by step and talking about why you love it so much. Do not let children have access to button batteries. Practice having English conversations using 50 different categories and topics with over 200 conversation practice lessons. When you have to pause because you can’t remember a particular word or phrase, keep talking using other words to describe what you mean. Technology has made our lives so much easier. Maybe you practice speaking less because you prefer to hold back and listen during a conversation. If something was difficult about a particular part of the day, talk about how that obstacle was easy or hard for you to overcome. Improve your daily English conversation skills with hundreds of lessons and thousands of audio files. We also welcome your comments on site posts. Hello everybody. carnivore noun) Go about your day. That means you can tap on any word to see an image, definition, and useful examples. Able to leap tall buildings at a single bound. He also talks about “kryptonite” and references the phrases from Superman: Look up in the sky! We see the word “carne” in words like “carnivorous” which means “meat-eating” and carnivore” which means “meat-eater”. Currently our affiliate program is closed to new members. WordReference truly sets itself apart from other similar apps because it has two specific features that allow you to practice your speaking. It recommends you examples and videos based on the words you’ve already learned. It is Important to be able to Trust People, The Five Senses are the Foundation of Empirical Science, Somebody didn’t turn off the tap properly, The Mining Industry has contributed a lot to the Economy, Running your own Business can be a Juggling Act, Educated People have more Arrows in their Quiver, Private Education is More Expensive than Public Education, Birth and Death are the Beginning and the End, The Smartphone has changed the way we Write, Your Breathing is Connected to your State of Mind, The Quality of Awe and the Value of Inspiration, The Stolen Necklace (comprehension questions), The Stolen Necklace – answers to comprehension questions, The Stolen Necklace (gap-fill – articles), The Stolen Necklace – Vocabulary Development, The Lives of a Man – The Flower’s Perfume, The Lives of a Man – The Transformation of the Prayer, Our Lady of the City – Story – Past Simple Tense, Our Lady of the City – Interactive Story – Past Simple Tense, Our Lady of the City – Past Continuous Tense, Our Lady of the City – Past Perfect Tense, Our Lady of the City – Phrases – Past Simple Tense, Our Lady of the City – Story – Phrasal Verbs and Idioms, The Particle – a powerful grammatical word, The Carrot is more Effective than the Stick, The Adjective and Verb Page – feelings, situations and their results, The Lives of a Man – The House on the Plains, The Lives of a Man – The Storm – Passive Voice, The Lives of a Man – The Storm’s Destruction, The Lives of a Man – The Woman Talked about her Parents, The Lives of a Man – The Church and the Prayer, The Lives of a Man – The Feeling of Selfishness, The Lives of a Man – Life with the Soldiers, The Lives of a Man – The Cave in the Rock, The Lives of a Man – the Bottom of the River, Easy English – Help Your Friends and Family, Immigration has become a Controversial Topic, They Say there is Magic in the Air on Broadway, The Story of America – Superman – The Man of Steel, Captain America – The Great Patriotic Hero, Batman – The Millionaire with a Dark Side, Things You Are Not Allowed To Do – The Law Page, Vocabulary – Unlawful and Illegal – a conundrum, Academic language in Context – Answers – Conclude, Academic Vocabulary in Context – Design – Answers, Academic Vocabulary in Context – Contract, Academic Vocabulary in Context – Answers – contract, Academic Vocabulary in Context – Answers – Count, Academic Vocabulary in Context – Answers – Divide, Academic Vocabulary in Context – Answers – Employ, Academic Vocabulary in Context – Answers – Entitle, Academic Vocabulary in Context – Answers – Include, Academic Vocabulary in Context – Answers – Pay, Academic Vocabulary in Context – Proceed – Answers, Academic Vocabulary in Context – Answers – Proper, Academic Vocabulary in Context – Answers – Provide, Historic Film of a Bicycle Ride in Melbourne.

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