She haven't told Galahad of him being his father though. It is a magical domain of the Grail keeper, often known as the Fisher King . Arthur Pendragon heard about the plea of King Pelles to have her daughter be saved from the trap sprang by a sorceress (Morgan le Fay), who've been jealous of her beauty.
After Elaine spends five years in the tub, Lancelot arrives at Corbenic and frees her from her torment. Pelles sent Elaine to have a son with Lancelot, who would then be named Galahad. Later, Elaine visits Camelot and tricks Lancelot into her bed once again. She is determined, at the same time that she is kind and compassionate. That night, Dame Brusen brought Lancelot to Elaine, and informed him that Galahad was their son. Rays of Gold Wiki is a FANDOM Books Community. Galahad later retrieved the Holy Grail to heal Pelles from a sickness., How Sir Launcelot Was Known by Dame Elaine. Princess Elaine of Corbenic is the daughter of King Pelles, and mother of Sir Galahad by Sir Lancelot of the Knights of the Round.
She is said to be beautiful and fair, causing the jealousy of Morgan le Fay. Elaine recognizes him and has him carried to the tower where the Grail resides; there, he is cured by its power. (The Vulgate Cycle says “she was called Amite though her true name was Helizabel.”) Because she was considered the fairest lady in that country, Elaine was put into a tub of boiling water by Morgan le Fay and the Queen of Northgales and could be freed only by the best knight. Élaine est une forme celtique ancienne du prénom Hélène et est peut-être aussi ancienne et de la même origine que la forme grecque. Elaine is helpless in love, finding the good-natured heart of Lancelot. Dame Brusen had given King Pelles a poison for Elaine to have Lancelot drink in a wine in order to trick Lancelot into thinking that Elaine is Eira.

La dernière modification de cette page a été faite le 7 août 2019 à 14:28. King Pelles insisted for Lancelot to stay for the night and him knowing the prophecy, had asked Dame Brusen's help for Elaine to seduce Lancelot. Noté /5. When he regained his mental facilities, he decided to live with her, and they lived together for several years as man and wife.[2]. Elaine has a long and wavy black hair that turns to gold whenever she touches the Holy Grail, and matching brilliant blue eyes. Eventually, Lancelot reaches the castle of Pelles, who intends to make him a fool at the knighting of his nephew Castor. Élaine de Corbenic (ou Ellan), fille du roi Pellès, qui réussit à coucher avec Lancelot du Lac grâce à Brisène l'enchanteresse qui lui donna l'apparence de la reine … She is originally known to be "The Grail Bearer" until the moment that her son found the Holy Grail and Eria Prowell became the new keeper. Arthur had sent Sir Lancelot to rescue her from the magical trap of boiling bath, and after he rescues her, Elaine falls in love with him, only to find that he is secretly in love with Eira. Elaine is the daughter of King Pelles and the mother of Galahad. Lancelot asked her to leave for he doesn't want to hurt her feelings any further. Elaine of Corbenic is a legendary character in the King Arthur stories. After Elaine spends five years in the tub, Lancelot arrives at Corbenic and … She found Lancelot and confronted him about the death of Arthur and the rest of the members of the Knights of the Round except for him, Galahad and Percival. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. –Arthur Pendragon to Sir Lancelot about Elaine of Corbenic, Flames of Darkness. Eira found the two of them and used the Grail to heal Lancelot. Elaine once again appeared another time after the Battle of Camlann and informing his son about the whereabouts of the Holy Grail. Lancelot departed, and Elaine remained in her father's castle and gave birth to Galahad.[1]. Elaine complained to Dame Brusen, and Dame Brusen told her that she would "undertake that this night, Lancelot shall lie with her".

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