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It is then revealed that Eddy's entire attitude was made simply to make others like him, namely his brother, and his brother treating him so coldly after so long left Eddy devastated enough to show a very rare sign of humiliation and self-pity. Ededdneddymania Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. John Daggett | Double D picked up his backpack and slipped a few books in there. She had fallen for his charm. Middle-Earth Villains | Meanie Cream Cake | The Tickler | World, Ed Edd n' Eddy Loki | Shere Khan | Decoy Queen |

Nohyas | Mr. Samball | "That's ok!" "Next…you."
DeBizz | "What was that?!" Rolf stacked a bunch of his belongings ranging from an ax, three head boards,and a meat grinder. "Will I have to share my room?" Mud Goblins, Generator Rex Rhona Roundhouse | Mr. Cheetah | Rick Platypus | This article uses material from the “Eddy's Brother” article on the Ed, Edd n Eddy Wiki at FANDOM is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License. Bane (Batman vs. TMNT) | Although before this point we only see Eddy's thoughts of his brother, viewers do not get to see other kids reaction towards him until the infamous stir caused by rumors of his return in the episode "Ed, Pass it On". Phantasm | Poison Ivy (Lego) | Sliding Edd over towards the door he handed him the glass. They looked at them for a little bit. Maritimers (Crab Cake, Tempura Shrimp & Tuna Can), Craig of The Creek Eddy's Brother   is a owner of  Mondo a Go Go. Lord Garmadon | He was previously an unseen character, and is the only one of the series adults that has been both seen and heard. Did you know that in May it will be ten years since Ed, Edd n Eddy Big Picture Show was released?!? There is a lot to talk about regarding Big Picture Show! Bottom Bag | Pink Diamond | Krakos the Polar Bear | He is seeing if Bro remembers Ed. In the bus a man in a uniform crawled up from the back seats and sat in the bus driver's chair. Heat Miser | This is the only interaction Bro has with Ed in this scene and after ignores him. leo | M.U.T.O. Mr. Mole | Then again, none of them had a clue to where they went.

Snow Miser | Cousin Sinkbug | His room is guarded by a chained lock, pieces of wood nailed to the wall, and a falling safe, and along with the fact that it was camouflaged to blend in with the rest of the wall. Not after what they did! Pet Shoppe Owner | Pokemon Villains | Ben 10 Villains | Child abuseTortureAssaultFraud Eddy's BrotherBig Bro (by Eddy)Bro Guy (by Kevin)Elder One (by Rolf)Mr. Macho Man (by Nazz)My BrotherMr. Ed found a piece of buttered toast and was unaware of the noise it made. Dusty | "Ok, I'll take the short one." David | They took a left past the school. Lucian was sitting in a chair in his room writing something in a book. Bun Bun | Kid Cousin | Joshua | Ms. Fieldmouse | Double D awoke on a platform hovering above a large open area. Catwoman | Munya |

Came from the crowd of angry kids.


Claire Wyden | Cherry Blossom |

TMNT Villains | Road Burn | I'm the owner of the Curse of evil tim as well. When he mentions "ankle-biters from my cul-de-sac", that may be a hint he was the oldest in the cul-de-sac when living there, which may mean most of the other characters on the show are only children, but Kevin hearing stories may hint that Eddy's brother scammed the older siblings of those in the cul-de-sac, and was quite intimidating even as a child. Reilly (What A Cartoon) Mr. Noles | Benson Dunwoody | Badaxtra | "In my novels expanding lights usually mean something…" He kept witching intently until the lights reached his house. His Mom liked to do magic tricks, sometimes playing a practical joke with his Dad. Actually it was just Ed and Eddy. Whitey |

Velma Green the Spider Queen, Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi "Sarah! Bob the Goon | Stone Generals (Gato & Mono) | Trees were knocked over smashing fences. Klaus Von Affenkugel | Emma Russell | Kludd | Nazz had anger boiling inside himself. Harley Quinn (Lego) | Steve | She was a city girl, that’s what she told her husband.Kevin just wanted everything to go back to normal, when he saw his mother every day and not just once a month.“Hey, Kev, check this out!” Nazz spoke up as she rubbed the back of her head from being hit with the filing cabinet.Kevin looked at the blue tag. His bike would be fine outside. Huntor | Then a weird light caught his eye from his window. He makes fun of Edd by calling him Eddy's girlfriend, and then proceeds to bully Eddy continuing the stereotypical dysfunctional older brother/younger brother relationship, although it must be noted that his beatdown, though cartoonish in several ways, shows that he is a very sadistic person, to the point of being downright evil, as there was literally no reason for him to do that to his brother, he just played "Uncle" as an excuse to hurt his little brother, his experiences with Eddy may actually have severely injured Eddy. Chuckie Sol | Aliens |, Dexter's Laboratory He wears a dirty brown newsboy cap, yellow sports jersey with the number "62" on it, red flannel jacket, khaki pants with a wallet chain, and greenish-grey shoes. Zon Monday |

When she left, she took everything with her.

Cheesesteak | His room is complete with a car and all kinds of memorabilia and strange items. And then a few moments later when Eddy announces that his brother will be coming home. Ed says many times how he forgets what he just said or what they’re doing. Kanker Sisters | Because Eddy's Brother never appeared on the show until the very end, the only information about him could be gleaned from the other characters' talking about him, mainly Eddy. Luckily, Ed (in a rare moment of creativeness) finally had enough and pulled out one of the bolts holding the door to the trailer. Eddy's Brother (by Double D) ", "Aww." John Wesley | Fortunately for Eddy, Double-D and the other kids forgive Eddy and the Eds, and they leave the park together as friends. Rolf shouted.

Saanvi Patel | Wacko | Poison Ivy | Big Rock Candy Monster | Birda | Double D's jaw dropped.

Lethal Weapons Villains | This was enough to give him everyone's sympathy and he and the other Eds are invited over Kevin's house for jawbreakers. Rex Dangervest | Joker | Super Chicken |

Marik Ishtar | Mold Pixie | Sissy Blakely |

G-Dog | Grim | Penumbra, Infinity Train Spiders (Consuela & Tank) |

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