Any other attack will work (and Klaptrap can run under Expresso when on relatively flat ground).

Use the Tire the first Zinger guards for enough lift. Grab the Barrel you see, avoid the temptation to smash a Zinger with it, instead smashing the left wall at the bottom of the rope to reveal a Bonus Area doorway! EXPRESSO CRATE 2: At the end of Bonus Area 1. Banana: Collect 100 Bananas to win an extra life! The Bonus Barrel is directly above the Banana line, and must be accessed by jumping from the Tire to the invisible Bonus Barrel.

Watch yourself! "G": In the trees at the Exit. BONUS AREA 3: Before the last Manky Kong, get rid of Expresso (you won't need him to get these last three Bonus Areas), grab a Barrel and drop down when you see a gap in the evil ape's barrel-throwing, then drop down again into a small crevice. "Stop" and "Go" Barrel: In "Stop & Go Station", it controls the RockKrocs. "K": Above the first Kritter in the level. If you have both monkeys, switch to Diddy and swim along the right wall to avoid the DK Barrel. As long as you're holding these buttons you can fly around the stage, but you can't finish the level until you return to the save barrel and enter the mine cart.

ALWAYS NOTE: Press Start to pause your game in any level, and Select to leave a previously beaten world. BONUS AREA 2: Just dig out the Tire by first dropping into the first gap. "G": Stand on the final Oil Drum, then stomp on the weak point to find the last letter before you get scorched! The TNT Barrel is, needless to say, the most powerful Barrel in the game in terms of attack power!

But being smaller and lighter, Diddy's not that powerful against enemies. Squawks the Parrot: The one Animal Friend who can't be ridden, but has his own unique way of helping you out. This applies to Rambi, Expresso, and Winky as well. Winky the Frog: The worst nightmare of all Zingers, this high-jumping amphibian can stomp on almost any enemy and jump much higher than any Kong can. "K": At the top of the first vertical shaft, before the first Croctopus. MAJOR TIP: If you outrun a Millstone and it stops making sounds when off-screen, you can backtrack to its starting location without being bowled over! SHIELD: Diddy holds Barrels in front of his body for an excellent side defense. Use this to blow up the first Oil Drum, which covers the shaft leading to the Bonus Barrel. "G": You'll have to get past FIVE Squidges to get this letter right at the end of the level. Use the Blast Barrel to get back into the fray. Use Donkey's bulk to reach Barrel Cannons faster and to crush enemies that Diddy has trouble with. Grab the Barrel from the alcove you landed in, and shatter the left wall. You will enter a secret warp that takes you to the exit of the level. BONUS AREA 1: Jump atop the igloo at the start, wait for the first Necky to get close enough, then use him as a stair to the Bonus Area above the start. BONUS AREA 2: At the letter "N", crush the Klaptraps, then have Expresso transport you right and below the trees (of the main road through the level) on his wings to the second Bonus Area. You will be shot almost all of the way across the level! : At the third Barrel Cannon past the Rambi Token, fire straight down. Where's Squawks when you need him? You return with all your new 1-ups to the area where you last died. SWIM: Push B to swim upwards. BONUS AREA 1: At the giant Necky flock near the end of the level, do you see the barely-visible Bonus Barrel at the bottom of the screen?. I say Rambi's my preferred option... "K": High up near the first rope. "On/Off" Barrel: In "Loopy Lights", it turns the lights "On" when hit, but watch out -- it'll turn "Off" in seconds! The Best PlayStation Deals for October 2020, The Most Messed Up Moments in the Comic Book Version of ‘The Boys’, Daily Deals: Preorder Cyberpunk 2077 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, or PC and Save 17% Off, Things Ghost of Tsushima Doesn't Tell You. Diddy Kong was originally created as an updated Donkey Kong Jr., but Nintendo disagreed with the redesign, so Rare decided to make him a distinct character. When swimming up the intersection afterwards, don't swim back to the left, or the evil octopus will get his revenge... ENGUARDE TOKEN: While being pursued by the first Croctopus following the second and last Blast Barrel sequence, swim down until you get to the bottom, where a small niche can be seen to your left. Check out the full walkthrough videos for Donkey Kong Country Returns, including how to get all the puzzle pieces and KONG tokens! Candy Kong: Wanna save your game file? Funky Head: Go here to access "Funky's Flights". Every 100 Mini-Tokens gives you an extra life! BONUS AREA 2: After the letter "K", slide down the first rope infested with Zingers and jump right into the alcove on the right without getting stung. THE DONKEY KONG COUNTRY GUIDE version 1.2. Use a Roll Jump or Cartwheel Jump to get to it, but take out the two Kremlings first so you don't get chomped while trying to get back up again. To leave the special bonus area, press Start to pause, then press Select. You can also get the Tire from leaving Bonus Area 1. Method One: After defeating the last Manky Kong (who also chucks barrels much faster than his pesky primate predecessors), smash your Barrel into the right wall just before the exit. As such, I suggest using Diddy for the whole procedure. Kritter: The most common of Kremlings, Kritter is vulnerable to any attack. Vine Barrel: You can use this green-ringed Barrel as a shield or chuck it at a breakable wall or enemy. Krash: A Green Kritter in a minecart.

Can you provide the answers for fellow gamers questions, + Add Your Cheats and Codes / Ask a question. "G": Watch for jumping Kritters, and you'll get this letter no problem. EXPRESSO TOKEN: The final Zinger makes sure you get hurt if you don't execute the correct Roll or Cartwheel Jump when getting this Token. ENGUARDE TOKEN: When you see it, use either Blue Kritter to bounce up to it. It's risky to snag the letter if you don't take the big bad bug out with a Barrel first, but you can get it without defeating him by bouncing to the "N" and over the Zinger all the way to the other side. Get the Star Barrel first, then get Expresso. Many stages have hidden Banana Bunches underground. You can also Roll or Cartwheel Jump to it. Just make sure to jump over the two Krushas ahead so you don't break the TNT Barrel on them. CLIMB: Jump toward a rope or vine to grab on to it automatically. BONUS AREA 2: After trouncing three Gnawtys on a set of steps, use your momentum from the last Gnawty to break a weak part of the floor below. "O": First, jump off Expresso, if you have him. RAMBI TOKEN: Immediately jump up and left into the tree after grabbing the level's third rope (it will swing once gripped). "G": Three Kritters protect it, so don't get stomped! : Can you barely see the Tire high up near the first Necky, centered on the second tree? EXPRESSO CRATE: At the end of Bonus Area 1. For Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest on the Super Nintendo, GameFAQs has 17 guides and walkthroughs. Donkey is the ape for this job, as he holds the explosive Barrel over his head. First you have to have to have both Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong in the cart. I like having Donkey at my controls, as he's more powerful and efficient to use in a fight. BONUS AREA 2: Right after Bonus Area 1, take out the next five Klaptraps (the sixth one won't interfere), roll the Tire left until you park it directly underneath the vertical line of three Bananas.

Easy to see, but can you get it? WARNING!!! More help, hints and discussion forums for on Supercheats. As you walk, use the Y Button to make Diddy start cartwheeling, then repeatedly push the Y button to continue your cartwheel maneuver. "K": Cling to the bottom of the first rope to get this.

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