- In hindsight for me it's a better idea to play through career on easy, then play all the opponents on Pro difficulty using freeplay so you can play as the stronger boxers.

Some of the fights are very hard, almost too tough on career with the default boxer. - Dodging and swaying with your body in pro mode is essential for most opponents but it's more important to learn the attack patterns of certain boxers and look out for those blue flashes in their gloves before they punch. Pro mode is hard on career mode so make sure you play on free mode. but with your guys advice i should be able to do it now. Creed: Rise to Glory . Live the rise of Adonis Creed in Career Mode or set up arcade-style matchups with a variety of opponents and locations in Exhibition Mode. Community Software by Invision Power Services, Inc. "I'd rather die like a man, than live like a coward" - 2pac. © Valve Corporation. wel iam incapacitated for the next few days ;x anymore and i would be injured irl lol, i beat maddog but i cant beat rhino or the last boss which i have left for the rest of trophies. Also where you hit your opponent in the head and at what timing is also crucial, if you hit your opponent and they stagger, stop doing the attack they are doing or a voice over of yourself sayng "Nice one" you can assume you got a very good hit. i blocked over 80% and had to land 122 hits to win while he only needed 20 hits to ko me 2 times and maybe 2 or 3 more hits and it would of been the 3rd... that screenshot doesnt make me very happy about my future lmao. Played 3-4 hours of creed today, drank like 4 litres of water from sweating so much. You can calmly wall to a spot and press triangle and the button will center the ai opponent for you. So I just blocked his attacks then immediately smacked him in the face twice, that was me off to a good start. Use what you are comfortable with and you should be fine. Should be easy though as you're only on easiest setting. Hi there, I am having an issue with the Creed: Rise to Glory game.

Sign up for a new account in our community. I managed to knock MadDog down twice before he finally knocked me down once, on the time i beat him. 80.2%. If it is you, I fell honoured you have entered this thread. I also found sometimes you can get a knockdown after only two, I think it might be down to damage in one area. Multiple game modes let you choose your path to glory. I couldn't defeat Rhino until I chose the guy in the furthest top right. Actually, the game must be allowed access to storage. Get fitter and have a blast playing Creed: Rise to Glory with these 20 boxing and fitness tips. also your dodging will help me because i keep thinking i have to and it dont pop, but now that i know itll pop mid game that helps me not waste time on rematches. Champion mode can be frustrating (like Mike Tyson NES frustrating). Game doesn't pop trophies unless you are connected to the Internet, make sure you are connected to the Internet before starting the game. I've never had a workout as good in VR, especially with pvp matches. i have a added tip for the one hand fight. BUT, once I exit completely out of the game and go back in, it loses the progress and I have to start again. Sure they don't have very good defense, but if you have more attack power, the fight will be over quicker anyway. i was cracking up when you said dove on the ground to dodge, first time i played i uppercutted my ceiling fan, u should of seen my friend.. 1st time VR user he tried creed and when he moved front he actualy moved and crashed in to my cupoard  nearly trashed the room lol. wel i just finsihed the top row on champion botom row left.. the last boss trophy didn pop when i beat him on champion either  :(((( so i have to beat him again now, iam good at boxing bec i know the rules and watched many boxing matches but this game is flawed. In Freeplay Mode, you choose the site and opponent for custom bouts to challenge you on your own terms. Hey kingdell6, nice tip, I will add that in if you don't mind. i still like the game but i agree it does have its flaws. As for getting up a third time, yes you have to swing very fast and also nice big swings, don't copy that dude on the right doing his casual swings, try to run for real and swing your arms as if you were actually running as fast as you can, of course without moving your legs. ima have to clear everything out of my room i think to get this one because i cant move any farther back with the screen syncing wrong. also got the dodging. It's not even 9pm and I want to sleep. a bit short, operator was a bit tough but honestly if you have some boxing understanding you'll wipe all opponents without losing completely, I did a full run in 1 go without losing completely once, sure a few knockouts but not gameover. If you stamina is low dodge and move some more. Don't even worry about doing dodging and getting the slow motion, I never used it. peace! Stay On Your Feet Win a Fight Without Getting Knocked Down in Career Mode or Free Play. you can cheese opponents by doing a quick 1,2 combo and then following up with two hooks then start blocking, think Hajime no … im super pissed at this game at this point, happend to me once that i didnt get a trophy for beating a person i think if the tv is off or somethign it wont rtegister it. Creed: Rise to Glory™ ... Great workout of a game, just repeat career mode every training session and you'll sweat like a fountain. - A general tip for pro mode, I kind of got motion sick when moving around with the move controllers in this game, so I didn't do it at all, even then I was still able to get platinum. As long as the move controller is behind your VR headset, you should be ok. To be sure, what I did was start freeplay, easiest setting, first opponent and put the controller behind me to the left, on a tallish chair with the move controller facing forward, then I just stood perfectly still and punched with my right hand, no dodging required, just punch and you will win easily.

i wont keep anymore of your time, nice talking to yah man, keep grinding them trophies. Started by enaysoft, January ... but if you have more attack power, the fight will be over quicker anyway. i knocked rhino 3 times and then he just knocks me down 4 times in less than a minute no idea how that even happend... Rhino was the one I struggled with as well. Hi melodicmizery, thanks for your comment. Move to a safer area and let the ai come to you. also another tip in the settings on free mode you can skip the intro (which im sure your aware of but others might not be), this means you wont have to walk to the fighter and wait for the babble instead youll already be at touch glives to fight. Alternatively you should choose Rocky or Mad Dog as every punch automatically does a bit more damage. If I saw a punch from the left I would generally move my head a bit to the right while holding a hand top left and the other bottom left in order to block it. I suggest Hakoom since you are tired, go into a fight with Rhino on easiest setting and don't fight back, just watch his combos, think like dark souls and memorise their attack patterns. Mad dog's stomach punch from the bottom left is the one you definitely need to be careful of. my arms are going to be like spaghetti after that, i have back pain shoulders are numb and ribs ache me , if the game worked as intended i would of had the plat by now lol, i have back pain shoulders are numb and ribs ache me, lmao time to hit the massage parlors. I can't stress enough, if you have a bad start, just lose on purpose and start again. i saved the capture of it For those wanting more of a sim experience (like me) TotF Is better, but I'd love a more sim oriented game with graphics and animations as good as this one. After playing for an hour (twice) in Career mode, it did not save the progress made. The first thing I got hung up on in my matches that makes a ton of sense is the effect of fatigue. I took down most of them easily, until I got to Conley. Hope this helps! This PS VR boxing experience features intense 1:1 boxing gameplay set against the rich backdrop of the Creed film universe. Disabling rounds only helps the CPU since their fists never suffer from tiredness.

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