Wiz: He is a highly skilled cook, survivalist, tracker, repairman, puzzle solver, hypnotist and dancer. He faces many threats from demons, creatures, ghosts and psychopaths almost every day in his life, whereas Gumball's daily routine is head to school, cause trouble, get into a misadventure from his clumsy decisions, and go home. The feline swiped the remote from his own hands and pushed his thumb down on the Eject button, which forcibly shoved Courage near The Void. You so-called 'heroes' are always forgetting about people like me and treat me like trash." Not only is that his only universal feat to his name, but he was incredibly far from the explosion, so when you think about it, he never really tanked it per se. "My! Black eyes and swollen cheeks formed on Gumball's face. "Ohhh...I hope I don't blow chunks..." he painfully groaned. Boomstick: I mean, Gumball can be quite strong, sure, but he is "nowhere" near Courage levels of strong. He unknowingly releases a buried rocket. In simple terms, both characters will be in neutral territory for the fight. Boomstick: Its real name is the Game Child, serving as an obvious spoof of Nintendo's Game Boy. Wiz: As its name implies, the tree can grant any wish or desire. Le Quack clips a bungee cord around Muriel's leg, saying it was a safety belt. Plus, let's not forget how holding in his toxicity for too long will kill him. We then find them upon a spaceship heading towards the Sun.

And again. "But I certainly don't know about THAT.

He works better in a group rather than on his own. That's useless in combat, too. Courage was more than determined to rescue Muriel from the transformed Eustace, but was hindered by the Space Chicken himself, who challenged Courage to a series of challenges.

Wiz: But creepy stuff happens in Nowhere! "My head feels funny..." He rubbed his forehead, but thought it was no big deal. Wiz: Gumball has even survived his entire school blowing up. Courage instantly saw the source of the sound and screamed as he saw a ball of energy coming for him. The worst that happened to him was a few burns and some messy clothes. Wiz: Tyrannosaurus rexes were officially reported to have ran at 20 meters per second, which is 45 miles per hour... Boomstick: ...whereas the average car regularly drives at 50 kilometres per hour, or 31 miles, on residential or busy roads, and 80-90 kilometres per hour, or 50-56 miles, on main roads. Write transcript

Boomstick: Courage, on the other hand, has survived getting shot into space, going through the moon and slammed back down to Earth. Boomstick: He gets himself and sometimes even his entire family into trouble on a daily basis, stemming from his ignorant decisions. Wiz: Gotcha. Boomstick: The God Bone is a colossal, mythical dog bone that Courage used as a bludgeoning weapon to defeat a group of skeletons. Time to go over Courage's weapons. Boomstick: When he uses his Super Scream, Courage puts all his power into his lungs and screams bloody murder for almost an ENTIRE minute! Boomstick: I bet Michael Bay would want him as his pet. What big lungs you have, Courage!" Courage tries to warn Muriel, but she assumes he was just suggesting to use five pounds of butter in the cookies, which she agrees to. GOSH DARN IT!" Nothing.

Each roll, he found himself in backflips and falling. KA-BLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!! The Space Chicken greatly resembles an Earth chicken. 403a Wait a minute, this wasn't his first time cornered by a gang. Once an enemy stands on it, they will sink to their doom in a flash. He has been to the core of the Sun and out. (Courage screams and runs from his shadow).

Wiz: He moved an entire family of deer out of the way of a blast from Big Bob before it even hit them! Gumball demanded. Courage's physicals are WAY too much for him to handle, and since he has never survived anything like Courage's power, there was no way he could heal from his attacks. The world was now in, well, slow motion. "Huh?" Wiz: He can also call Mr. "The sun was rising over the day," he spoke aloud as he wrote. It aired September 20, 2002. Muriel asks Courage if he wants to go with her and Le Quack, but Le Quack points out the basket can only hold two people. He ate his organs to place them back in his body. Gumball spat out, but then he realized he bumped into a small, timid dog. Courage questioned. Boomstick: The Kangaroo Monster Bone Fragment will turn Courage into the extinct kangaroo monster once inserted into his body. Wiz: It also takes too long to form an attack, as he needs to ponder, take out the book, open it, and write something down in there. Courage maneuvered around with his tongue, just like Tarzan with vines, and he aimed it for his opponent. "HOW IS THIS GUY SO FAST?!"

Meanwhile, Gumball was hiding in a bush (Team Rocket would nod in approval for that corny hiding spot) and looked both directions to make sure the coast was clear. Locomotives of this wheel arrangement were used most common on American railroads during the 1800s and 1830s and were given the name "American" because of all of the work they did on every railroad until 1928. He can create clones of himself, which could be useful for backup. the computer shouted. He's been melted to a puddle, decapitated, flattened, burnt down to his skeleton, blown into tiny bits, reduced to droplets, shattered to pieces and dismembered, only to come back fine and well. Wiz: Speaking of which, we will get to Courage's durability... right now. Courage nodded. "A fight?!"

Back off, I said!". Wiz: He was in a room filled with numerous explosives, which left a deep crater upon detonation. he wrote. In the distance, several dogs of all kinds perked their ears up. "GRRRRRR!

Credits Gumball ran off screaming, desperately trying to think of a solution, but Courage wasn't going to let him get away if Muriel's life was on the line here. "You again?" (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vvpfCMvomz8). But there was nobody around to do that. "Le Quack Balloon" is part one of the third episode in Season Four of Courage the Cowardly Dog, written by David Steven Cohen. Courage rushed at Gumball in his chariot with a baseball bat and smacked him to the floor before he had a chance to attack. Courage and Gumball were scared, and they stared at each other. After a few seconds, he got back up and cheered.
The arrival of the Space Chicken was first observed by Courage while he was resting on the front porch of the Bagge residence after being frightened away by Eustace's mask. Wiz: He's taken tons of violent beatings and curbstomp battles, only to continue standing still and laugh off his injuries! He took off, and Gumball tried to catch up, until he found another dummy of Courage. That scream was too much for them. While she is falling down again, he reveals his true motives; he is not leading Muriel to Sweden for the vinegar. "Any last words... stupid dog?" Each clone turned back into the real Courage. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QdGAVDkQfko), "LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

Wiz: But his most powerful scream is his Super Scream, which includes all of that, albeit tenfold.

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