Number of Attacks: 5. Deepens your bond with the spirits twofold, allowing you to attack with a more powerful Spirit Claw. Fanart for Zero and their 5th Skill Chrono Break from the game Maplestory that I did a few years ago. Level 1: MP Cost: 1000.

Brief bug summary: While pulling off combos/tagging with Chrono Break, you'll randomly stop being to tag during and after Chrono Break is over.

I drew these 2 last year’s and last month’s.

Duration: 5 seconds. Elemental is consumed upon defending against an attack and the wind barrier will disappear when it's completely consumed. Consumes 4000 HP per second. Level 1: Mana Cost: 40. The Beast Tamer's animal friends join forces to attack the enemy. Swings a spear so fast it creates a dark storm and devastate the area in front of you. Results may vary.

Summons a diabolical death machine to annihilate your opponents. Unaffected by attack reflection. Amplify the Desperado's power and call forth a brilliant, magical sword. It can bind space itself! Pressing the skill button repeatedly will perform a joint attack, with the last animal friend unleashing a powerful special attack. Summons loyal Mastema to fight by your side. Consumes all your wind energy upon summoning. Duration: 183 seconds. Move faster than the speed of sound, dealing consecutive attacks along the way. Magic ATT starts to charge the magic circle when Evan's magic hits a target, and it will operate when Magic ATT is full. Utilizes powerful elemental magic in succession. Complete the Temple of Time questline in order to begin your journey to 5th Job! Invincible while casting, but cannot move or change direction. Swap modes by pressing the skill key again after casting. Calls down drones to blast your enemies with a graviton beam.

Will luck be on your side as you reveal it? Wield Maha, exerting the ancient polearm's full power. Cooldown: 75 seconds.

I was going against Hard Ranmaru and when I used the skill, I didn't see chrono break background animation but I doid see the hourglass icon on ranmaru but he didnt seem to get bound but he did become darker in shade. When you use an offensive skill, attacks up to 8 enemies 6 times every 1 second with 50% bonus critical rate. Periodically recovers 2% MaxHP/MaxMP and clears certain statuses. Requirement: This event can only be started by characters created during the event period. The Content Icon (book notifier) will be available again on the left side of the screen. Unaffected by attack reflection. Max Enemies Hit: 12. Cooldown: 20 seconds. Bind duration: 10 seconds. Afterimage Damage: 31% of Final Damage. Hayato's sword energy recovers by 700 upon use. There will be notifications server-wide every ten minutes to announce the stage of the invasion. Unaffected by attack reflection. Increases your attack skills by overloading the mana flowing through you. Use the skill again to return. Throwing skills gain extra spread.

The Tot's Know-How window will no longer crash when accepting rewards. Other skills can only be increased to master level. Cooldown: 150 seconds.

Only one character per account can receive the rewards. Regular Attack: Attacks 8 enemies 3 times dealing 510% damage. Throws a rapid barrage of punches out in front of you. When multiple orbs hit a single target, their damage is reduced by 50%. MP Consumption: -12%.

Party members who receive the protection of this skill will deal increased Critical Damage when attacking any enemy affected by the Ancient Curse debuff. You recall the moment your consciousness accessed the Abyssal source of power. Press Up to use it. Grants an echo of your battle prowess to a party member. Duration: 183 seconds. 4th Hit Damage: 800%. The summon duration gets longer as there are more souls to be sacrificed. Final Damage increases up to 3 times in proportion to the object's size. Level 1: Summons an orb that grants 10 seconds of invincibility.

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