Consumer Fireworks displayed for sale must meet the following: (a) non-aerial fireworks in consumer packs or in packaging or containers that comply with the safety standards for means of containment under the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act, 1992 … They include items like Roman candles, sparklers, fountains, volcanoes, mines, and snakes. Be sure to register in our Forums to discuss Canadian fireworks for 1.4 fireworks to professional 1.3 fireworks. Like James said, every firework available for Canada all together in one place! Thanks, Canada Fireworks Free Givaways, 2 for 1 deals, Contests, Fireworks News, Announcements, Opinions, Recommendations, Professional and Backyard Fireworks Displays, New searchable consumer fireworks list Here. So if you want to search a certain companies fireworks say like Vulcan, simply click on the left column on Vulcan and it will auto scroll to the listing of fireworks. Be sure to register in our Forums to discuss Canadian fireworks for 1.4 fireworks to professional 1.3 fireworks. And every Canadian firework in one place, brilliant!

Thx Pyro Boss.
Coming along slowly, working with HTML can drive me up the wall especially with so many listed fireworks lol! Certified Canadian Fireworks Display Supervisor. Thanks for updating this list guys, I am using it to pick fireworks for my show. lol. ; May 12, 2020 SALE 25% OFF Sale on all Fireworks Products, Promoting the Fireworks Industry. Amazing guys, thanks! This list is an on going list that we will try to keep up to date. The CNFA works to promote the industry through: Consumer Fireworks We also have one of the most comprehensive Canadian Fireworks List available with videos! its awesome. BLAST-OFF! I have a new one looks like RocketFireworks got a firework of their own ! Jun 27, 2020 Canada Day Open Canada Day 25% Sale of all Fireworks; Jun 11, 2020 Lasershows as an alternative to Fireworks Fireworks negative impacts on animal and human health. The Explosives Safety and Security Branch of Natural Resources Canada routinely tests fireworks and … In addition to just companies, under each company I will list the fireworks as cakes, fanned cakes, shells, candles etc so the search should be faster. Your best Canadian Fireworks Resource! Took me about the same time linking everything up!lol Its all good though, came out great. Please Login or Register. Wowza that was a lot of work. Consumer Fireworks are, in fact, powerful pyrotechnic articles and, for this reason, both their sale and purchase are regulated. Welcome Guest. Your best Canadian Fireworks Resource! We also have one of the most comprehensive Canadian Fireworks List available with videos! Welcome to the largest Canadian consumer fireworks list available for Canada's Best Consumer Fireworks. I noticed a new cake from Royal but no video, are you guys going to update that when available? Canadian National Fireworks Association. Thanks Markhampyro! Yeah i posted those videos yesterday,there are some missing but that took me 9 hours+ in searching. We are currently working on a new page within Canadian Pyro that will have all the listed fireworks in its own custom page that will have all the companies listed on a left column and the fireworks with videos on the right section. It is a huge amount of Canadian fireworks, they did a great job at putting this together. Your best Canadian Fireworks Resource! Appreciate your hard work. Thanks for all the great comments. Thank you for this list,makes it alot easier now to check out different cakes. Here I am checking all different websites for different fireworks when its all here! In Canada, fireworks are separated into three classes: Consumer fireworks are low-hazard and designed for recreational use.

Fireworks serves national and independent retailers and retail stores in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, Nunavut, Yukon, and the North West Territories. We will leave the thread open for any discussion and for anyone to list any fireworks that was missed. Be sure to register in our Forums to discuss Canadian fireworks for 1.4 fireworks to professional 1.3 fireworks. We also have one of the most comprehensive Canadian Fireworks List available with videos! Well we give you the hand to the right place you want the other stuff look on the site or video..its a lot of work !! Consumer Fireworks are not toys. Job well done - this will certainly help speed up selection for shows! The forum contains a huge wealth of information on Canadian fireworks from recommendations and reviews, consumer product … Fireworks carries the highest-quality consumer and family fireworks available to Canadian Consumers. Awesome Pyro Boss, by the sounds of it, its going to look great. Through government advocacy and working with its partners to promote responsible regulation of the industry, the CNFA is the leading national voice to advocate on behalf of the fireworks industry. I will see what we can do Richard. I can't believe the size of this list! Holy crap - just noticed this post. Thanks for this list guys, what a great job! Display fireworks are high-hazard and designed for professional use. Wow, just noticed this list.

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