The permittee shall be responsible for the safety of all spectators and other persons connected with the launching of model rockets. Verbal reports shall be made to the State Fire Marshal within 24 hours after a firing under this article when either of the following events occur: Injury or death to the public or the crew as a result of the firing. Get everyone on the same page and streamline code research. The warehouse or storage building shall not be accessible to unauthorized personnel. A detonator in which the explosive or pyrotechnic material is encased in a non-metallic container. Open Communities. 2.3. (1) Violations for possession/use of less than 25 pounds may be handled as a violation of CA H&S Code § 12700(b) 1 or in accordance with local administrative fine ordinance if adopted.

Nail ’em App. 12685 - Conduct public fireworks display without a permit .

Minor cracks and checks are acceptable. §1571.5 Fire Department Notification. Model rocket motors must be obtained only from the adult in charge of the launching. A deliberate short-circuit of an electrically fired pyrotechnic device or a means contained within its firing system to protect it from accidental ignition by extraneous electricity. [California Code of Regulations, Title 19, Division 1, §1571.6 Cargo Removal]. The manufacturer of plosophoric compounds shall package and ship only in units which have been determined to meet the standards for shipping of hazardous materials. Any shells found shall be immediately doused with water before, When a shell misfires, and the fuse has burned, but the lift change has not functioned, the, When the shell misfires due to electric malfunction, and the fuse has not yet burned, the shell shall be removed and stored pursuant to the, When the display is concluded, the misfiredshell shall be placed in a safe area pursuant to the, Unfired shells, including duds and misfires, must be removed immediately following the display and returned directly to the wholesaler/manufacturer unless provision has been made for storage and/or destruction with the authority having, Any person manually discharging aerial shells shall wear at a minimum a hard hat, eye protection, long sleeved shirt, gloves, long pants, and shoes or boots, and have available ear protection, as required by the authority having. Smoking, Storage and Handling Facilities. A pyrotechnic device or series of devices that while on the ground or elevated produces a visual and/or audible effect. The total net explosive weight of mass-detonating explosives (Division 1.1, 1.2 or 1.5) shall be used. See also Dud. STORAGE AMOUNTS AND MAGAZINE REQUIREMENTS FOR EXPLOSIVES, EXPLOSIVE MATERIALS AND FIREWORKS, 1.3G MAXIMUM ALLOWABLE QUANTITY PER CONTROL AREA. In addition to the permit requirements, rail or truck terminal personnel shall not deliver any explosive to any person unless such explosive conforms in all respects, including marking and packing, to the Regulations for the Transportation of Explosives. Truck or rail transportation of small arms ammunition primers shall be in accordance with U.S.D.O.T. Where distance is used as the sole means of separation within a building, such distance shall be established by testing. The actual arming operation shall be accomplished by a competent person. All persons, whether they are conducting, participating in or observing the testing or experiment, shall stand away from the motor, and particularly its exhaust path, at all times during the test or experiment.

Capture and share institutional knowledge within your team and company. Chief]. All base plugs for HDPE mortars shall be wooden, and securely glued, as well as nailed, screwed, or bolted to the base of the mortar. §1032. Primer Containers]. Upon conclusion of firing, no unauthorized person shall be permitted access to the firing area until the licensed pyrotechnic operator has determined the area to be safe and secure. Other, The quantities of special effects materials removed from. Both shunts shall be in place and he or she shall test them to insure that the firing circuit is effectively short circuited, before the rocket is set in the launching position. Paper Mortar. Aerial Shell. Under no condition may commercial or house power be used directly for firing purposes. Packages of explosive materials shall be stacked in a stable manner not exceeding 8 feet (2438 mm) in height. Shells used for reloading shall be placed in, At no time shall any person place any part of their body over the, Finale racks shall have tape placed over the, Salutes and detonating shells shall not be fired from, Multiple-break shells that include a salute as one of the breaks shall be fired from HDPE. Set Piece.

The name and license number of the wholesaler who supplied all items used in the display. Special effects materials in which fuel and an oxidizer are mixed together to produce a pyrotechnic composition. Misfire. Transportation Prohibitions. General.

Any person who, at a fixed place of business, sells, transfers, or gives fireworks to a consumer or user. This article is intended to regulate the sale, storage, construction and use of experimental high power rocket motors and experimental high power rockets. The sign shall be weather-resistant with a reflective surface and have lettering not less than 2 inches (51 mm) high. The licensed pyrotechnic operator shall account for and retrieve all duds immediately following the display. All stocks shall be stored so as to be easily counted and checked. Special Effects Not Allowed To Be Carried in Wearing Apparel.

The use of lesser distances is allowed where supported by approved test data and/or analysis. §1026. Mortar Box. h�bbd``b`���@D �`^$X��S1�k ⶂ���w;�(5�@Bo�Z����H4����� ]� Code calculators may not be available. §1575.1. Note: All firecrackers are classified as "dangerous fireworks", and pyrotechnic devices similar in construction to a "firecracker" which exceed the specified weight shall be designated explosives in accordance with Health and Safety Code Section 12000. Linear interpolation between tabular values in the referenced Q-D table shall not be allowed. Blank Cartridge. For composite pyrotechnic items Division 1.1 and Division 1.3, the sum of the net weights of the, A factor of 10 pounds per gallon shall be used for converting pounds (. Within ten (10) working days following an incident giving rise to a verbal report, the licensed pyrotechnician in charge of the activity shall submit a complete, accurate and factual report directly to the State Fire Marshal on the episode. That the State shall not be responsible for any premium or assessments on the policy. Upon a second or subsequent conviction a person shall be punished by a fine of not less than one thousand dollars ($1000) or by imprisonment in the county jail not exceeding one year or by both that fine and imprisonment. (b) It shall be the responsibility of the model rocket user to secure permission of the owner of private lands when such land is intended to be used to launch model rockets. The manufacture, assembly and testing of explosives, ammunition, blasting agents and fireworks shall comply with the requirements of this section and NFPA 495 or NFPA 1124.
The date and time of day the display is to be held. All firing shall be done upon order or signal of the licensed pyrotechnic operator controlling the display. Firing Procedure. Persons shall not keep or store, nor shall any permit be issued to keep or store, any explosives at any place of habitation, or within 100 feet (30 480 mm) thereof. *Rockets propelled by clusters of motors shall use the distance specified for the next higher impulse category. §1574.1. Also known as a Trough. §1571.7 Facility Designation. Commercial stocks of black powder in quantities less than 50 pounds (23 kg) shall be allowed to be stored in, Blasting operations shall be conducted only by approved, competent operators familiar with the required safety precautions and the hazards involved and in, Blasting operations shall be performed in accordance with the instructions of the manufacturer of the. The "Chief" having jurisdiction has the authority to and may designate the location for, and limit the quantity of, explosives which may be loaded, unloaded, or temporarily retained at any facility within his jurisdiction. The entire firing range shall be inspected immediately following the display to locate any duds. An electrical resistance measuring device designed specifically and approved for testing of electric firing circuits. Lance. Experimental High Power Rockets and Motors.

§992.13. %PDF-1.6 %����
No explosives shall be abandoned, but shall be returned to proper storage.

Commercial stocks of smokeless propellants shall be stored as follows: Storage of quantities exceeding 800 pounds (363 kg), but not exceeding 5,000 pounds (2270 kg) in a building shall comply with all of the following: Commercial stocks of small arms primers shall be stored as follows: Quantities exceeding 750,000 small arms primers stored in a building shall comply with all of the following: Where blasting is being conducted in the vicinity of utility lines or rights-of-way, the blaster shall notify the appropriate representatives of the utilities not less than 24 hours in advance of blasting, specifying the location and intended time of such blasting. Whenever the authority having jurisdiction declares that the use of an emergency signaling device would create a fire hazard, no emergency signaling device shall be used regardless of its indicated registration and labeling. Permits shall not be issued or renewed for possession, manufacture, storage, handling, sale or use of the following materials and such materials currently in storage or use shall be disposed of in an approved manner. A detailed written account of all events involving pyrotechnic materials, devices, and operations in which a fire, injury, or death occurs, or in which any violation of the laws or regulations takes place.

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