We do NOT Ship out of state. Sunday 10am-4:00pm. The Pindo palm propagates best from the seed. Pindo palms are widely adaptable and can grow in many conditions from full sun to partial shade and in a variety soil types. Wholesale and retail palms, delivered … If you have a hard clay soil you can dig the hole a little deeper to amend the area more so the roots can establish more easily. The plume type fronds gives it its name, feather palm. The frequency will depend on the climate and how much rain you are receiving. Follow these simple guidelines for a healthy and happy citrus tree!

The Pindo palm or Jelly palm is really great for making jelly. The Wine palm genus of about eight species come from South America and can be a very good palm to grow in cold parts of Australia. Water lightly every few inches or tamp the soil to remove air pockets.5) Water well when done, saturating the area to ensure that all of the roots are moist. But the pale green leaves are what give the Pindo its character. WHOLESALE PALM TREE AND BAMBOO INQUIRIES. That’s right! Get exclusive offers, care tips and more! If you are looking for a dual purpose palm, the Pindo palm would do the job. Supported by inward curving fronds, the leaves are accentuated by a blue-gray sheen that gives it a distinctive look, unlike any other Palm. We are certain to have the Nursery Stock you are looking for! It is great for growing in USDA Zones 7b (5 to 10 F) to 11 (above 40 F). Butia capitata Pindo or Jelly Palm. Slow growing, tolerant of frost. Pot them up and put them on the patio, the deck, or plant them in your yard to create a relaxing Southern retreat. This chart will indicate if the tree is self-pollinating or requires a pollinator.

Polished, plush and totally posh - this tropical-inspired go-to is a landscape staple. Fall is Here & It's The Best Time to Plant! Please visit our nursery and enjoy a guided tour of our facility in one of our eco-friendly carts. Watch these helpful videos to learn how to plant and care for your new fruit trees. Producing large pinnate or feather like leaves usually a glaucous grey-green in colour and reaching 5 or so metres high a fully grown jelly palm is a stunning sight. The canopy is typically very full with 50-60 silverish/blue pinnately compound leaves that gently nod towards the ends. DOWNLOAD our current container Fruit Tree availability. Next to the Windmill and the European Fan, the Pindo palm is one of the cold hardy palms currently in production for landscape purposes today. Butia capitata, the Pindo Palm can grow up to 20 feet and has: So succulent and delicious are the Pindo dates that they are often used to create savory jams and jellies, which is why the Pindo is nicknamed the Jelly Palm. Pruning: Palm trees need very little pruning, only needing brown fronds or old fruit removed on occasion. This palm can also be potted and kept as a house plant if you are in an area where it is too cold for them. The open form that this palm tree has makes it great for planting a variety of plants under it. Evergreen palm. 9AM - 6PM ET Mon - Fri 9:30AM - 6PM ET Sat & Sun, Copyright © 2005-2020 FastGrowingTrees.com | 2621 Old Nation Rd Fort Mill, SC 29715 | NOT OPEN TO PUBLIC. Palms designated with a sku ending in -4, or -6 will arrive in a standard 4 inch or 6 inch growers pot respectively. Shipped well... is now growing happily. It's been known to shrug off frigid temps below freezing, even as low as 20℉. It’s a very slow grower, it enjoys full to partial sun and is also moderately salt-tolerant. Terms of Use | Privacy Policy | Contact Us. Presence of pricing data does not indicate product is in stock. CLOSED December 24th - 26th, OPEN 27th-30th, CLOSED December 31st-January 1st 2020. 14401 Harbor Drive, Bokeelia, FL 33922 The petioles are sturdy and are lined with spines. We offer a huge selection of quality seeds from Renee's Garden. All Butia Capitata Palms for sale will vary in size. And it's a gorgeous, low-growing palm that will produce a hefty yield of juicy, amber-colored fruit in warmer climates. They prefer well draining soil and can tolerate dry conditions, but look better with adequate moisture. The Butia capitata is one jellylicious palm! Sharp spines and edges - use caution when handling or planting near children. Planting in the Fall Brings Healthier, Better-Developed Roots that Deliver Explosive Growth for Your Landscape Next Spring! Prices subject to change without notice. Offering palm trees for sale, drought tolerant plants, topsoil, and much more. In this section, you will find help with selecting and planting Bare Root Fruit trees. Urban Tree Farm Nursery provides countless varieties of shrubs, grasses, vines, fruit and ornamental trees to consumers and landscapers alike. If so, we have got you covered! : ModerateTypical Height: 15' OA. Our professional and friendly staff is always happy to answer your plant and tree care questions. Most complete nursery source for desert trees, shrubs, cactus and much more.Hours are 7:00 to 3:30 M-F Saturday 7:00 to 12:00, The nicest desert plant nursery and garden center in Indio / Coachella Valley, CA. It is said that the ripened fruit from the Pindo palm is likened to the flavor of a banana/pineapple mixture. Is it a shade tree you are looking for?

Closed on TUESDAYS, Labor Day, Memorial Day, July 4th and Easter. They give lots of benefits and enhance the landscape. The petioles are sturdy and are lined with spines. Evergreen palm. Fertilizing: Young palm trees do not need fertilized until after they put out a new spear, about 2 months. This month, we would like to introduce you to the adaptable and attractive Ambrosia Pomegranate. Plants & Shrubs Resistant to Armillaria Root Rot, Plants & Shrubs That Grow in Alkaline Soil.

Call Palmco today at 239-283-1329 and ask us about these amazing cold hardy palms. Deer resistant. Please see our Current Availability page Slow growing, tolerant of frost. Feather palm pinnate leaves arch inwards toward the trunk. Produces tasty cherry-sized fruit. Butia is a small genus of palms containing 9 species, one of which (Butia capitata) is a fairly cold-hardy palm tree and can be grown in the Southeast US. This can be done any time of the year as needed. Call 866-982-0431 for Availability and Pricing. I’m excited because this was chosen as a marital tree. Watering: Palm trees are drought tolerant once established, but will require frequent watering while getting established.

The Pindo Palm is a showy plant with long, uniquely colored blue-grey palms and a heavy grey trunk. Yearning to plant a Southern Palm even though you're just North of the Mason Dixon line? Your input is very much appreciated. Order your Pindo Palms today! The canopy is typically very full with 50-60 silverish/blue pinnately compound leaves that gently nod towards the ends. Good size to begin with and hopefully will grow big and grand! We have thousands of container grown plants and trees, including large specimen trees! Butia grows natively in Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay and Argentina. 9AM-6PM ET M-F. 9:30AM-6PM ET Sat & Sun. Butia capitata can slowly grow up to 10 – 20 ft and 10-15ft wide, but usually is not taller than 15ft with the spread of 10 ft. Outdoor/Indoor Use:Both. In this section, you will learn how easy it is to plant your own orchard and begin harvesting tasty fruit like Gravenstein Apples for years to come! It is the most cold hardy feather palm available. Urban Tree Farm Nursery features a different fruit tree every month. Along with their cosmetic appeal, mature Pindos produce large clusters of orange edible fruits. Urban Tree Farm Nursery can meet those needs as well; for example, we stock 100yr old olive trees, boxed and ready to be transported to your location, in addition to many other trees. Pindo Palms can tolerate almost any soil type and can be grown in small areas like parking lot islands and small spaces. Estimated Shipping Time: Most orders ship immediately. The following is detailed information on the cold hardy Pindo Palm trees. Planting Directions (potted):1) Choose a container that is 1-2 times larger than the container that the plant initially arrived in.2) Use a quality acidic potting mix such as a palm or citrus mix.3) Fill the container part way and place the palm in the container so that the soil is just below the top of the container and fill the remainder of the way.4) Water until the water just flows through the bottom, keep the plant slightly moist but not wet. Wholesale Inquiries Only.

The Pindo palm does not shed dead fronds automatically so some pruning may need to take place to keep it looking groomed. In warmer climates (zones 9-11) this palm can produce a small edible fruit called “pindos” that can be made into jelly. The sturdy Pindo palm is native to the mid elevations of Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay. The Butia capitata can be sensitive to fungi if the soil is too saturated. Although the seeds require very little care once planted, they must be removed from their hard pit before planting to ensure successful germination.

• Pindo Palm trees, Butia capitata, originated in Argentina and have been transplanted successfully to grow from Maryland southward to Florida, Zones 7-10. 2) Remove the plant from the container and lightly comb the roots to loosen them.3) Place the plant in the hole so that the top of the root ball is even with the surrounding soil.4) Backfill the hole with a mixture of 60 % native soil and 40% good compost or garden soil. Sharp spines and edges - use caution when handling or planting near children. Pindo Palms are adapted to grow in below zero temperatures and grow in practically any type soil, even desert landscapes or salt tolerant soils. Be sure and view our Specific Recommendations page, where you will find a variety of solutions for planting situations with special requirements. Basically, its name is well-deserved. Closed November 26th - 28th for Thanksgiving & reopening Friday the 29th. After that they will perform best when fertilized with a slow release fertilizer such a 10-5-10 formula. Cold Tolerance: Pindo Palm Tree can tolerate cold down to 5F when mature enough. Looks amazing. Butia odorata best known to most as Butia capitata or the Jelly Palm is very attractive palm from south Brazil and Uruguay where it grows in grasslands and woodland edges. URBAN TREE FARM NURSERY 3010 Fulton Road - Fulton, CA 95439, Copyright © Urban Tree Farm Nursery 2019 - All Rights Reserved, Monday-Wednesday-Thursday-Friday-Saturday 8:00am-4:00pm. Kens new, reusable, recyclable … No Residential Calls Please. Once your order is shipped, you'll receive an email with a tracking number. Cold tolerant all the way down to 20℉, this tree is one of the most versatile palms for planting in the ground for USDA growing zones 8-11 with minimal protection needed in the northern zones. It took along time to arrive, about a month after purchase but they do tell you due to Covid there are delays to be expected.

Pindo palms (Butia capitata) is a cold tolerant palm tree that slowly grows up to heights of 20 feet tall with fronds that spread out 10-20 feet. Find the answers to your most commonly asked questions about citrus trees like frost resistance and pruning.

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