Do you prefer variety in food or the same food every day? Each answer is equipped with topic vocabulary words and collocations. Help ieltsDragon. Please click the link in the email to confirm your subscription! Do you prefer a long break or several short breaks? What is more important, eating healthy food, or doing exercises? Các ideas & từ vựng khác trong topic Film cũng như của câu hỏi Do you like watching films at home or in the cinema? And to extend his answer, he picked one of the things that he loved doing on his break and explained a little bit more about it. – 15 Tips to Get High Band Score in IELTS Reading Test, Frequently Asked Questions on IELTS Test (Reading Section), General Training IELTS Reading Section: Tips, Tricks and Practice Modes, Countries Without IELTS for College Admissions and Scholarships, IELTS Requirements for Australian PR Application – IELTS for Immigration, IELTS Test Dates Amritsar India 2020 – IDP IELTS, IELTS Test Dates Angamaly India 2020 – IDP IELTS. Is there a difference in opinion about shopping among men and women? Indolence [noun] – laziness Which one is your favorite? I can also speak Hunan dialect. Now that you have good amount of knowledge or ideas about this topic, make sure to develop your confidence in order for you to deliver your answers better. Topic - Photographs: Q. Q5. Câu hỏi cụ thể có trình bày quan điểm đòi hỏi các em phải trả lời sâu hơn 1 tí, đòi hỏi nhiều kiến thức hơn và thường sẽ phải chia sẻ nhiều hơn, có liên quan nhiều đến kiến thức xã hội nữa chứ không phải chỉ về bản thân các em như câu hỏi khái quát dạng hỏi đáp. What kinds of people do you like to make friends with? I cannot choose between the two because both a long break and several breaks are beneficial to me. What improvements should be made in hometown? On the other hand, doing several breaks recharges my batteries, most especially, when I’ve a pile of paperworks to do in the office. Do you think people enjoy taking pictures of beautiful scenery? Đối với Part 1, tùy vào topic khó hay dễ, thời gian nhiều hay ít mà các em có thể linh động thêm 3 phần này có hoặc không, tuy nhiên không bắt buộc. and it is the local language of my hometown. Why? In this article, we have provided you with the example topics and the questions which the examiner may ask from you. For all the exams, Speaking Part 1 is a short ice breaker where the examiner will ask the candidates a few personal questions. In my spare time, I like to go shopping at a mall, a convenience store, a grocery store, a supermarket, a department store, or go shopping online, Yes, I used to learn how to draw when I was young, and I believe that painting is a great way to improve my artisitic / aesthetic standards. Students often take this part of the exam quite lightly. Did you use to play when you were the child? It’s a great way to make himself spontaneous and at the same time providing enough ideas. I like winter break because I am not too fond of sunny days; along with these breaks, I also get a break after exams, which is relaxing because I feel no tension and stress. There is no right or wrong answer. Anyway, she continued giving her answer by citing the fact that typical mothers couldn’t really have a complete break since they always have a lot of things to do in the house. If you get a chance to learn a musical instrument then which one it will be? IELTS Speaking Part 1 : Home, Family, Friends (Question-Answer) Cue Card 2020 #37: Describe a place full of colour; IELTS Speaking Part 1 : Hometown, Village, Living place, City, Tourism, Country; Download Cambridge IELTS 13 General books pdf + audio Is it a house or an apartment? So I always divide it in half – I spend my first 15-days leave in summer and the other one in winter. Part1: January-March / April-June / July-September / October-December, Part2: January-March / April-June / July-September / October-December, Part3: January-March / April-June / July-September / October-December, Part1 (Letter): January-March / April-June / July-September / October-December, Part2 (Essay): January-March / April-June / July-September / October-December, div.vmenu-float{ IELTS Speaking Part 1 Question And Sample Answer: How many languages can you speak? Have you ever listened to your own voice? Q3. Saturday and Sunday are my favorite days of the week as I can be with my family. Best of luck to your exam! Do you read books related to your profession? IELTS Speaking Topics - Sep to Dec, 2020 A list of IELTS speaking part 1, part 2 and part 3 questions, as a pdf. float:left; Learn how express your ideas confidently and smoothly like how the speaker of this post expressed his answers. And lastly, he talked about the opinion of people about his kind of life and how he thought about their opinion. What type of relationship you have with them? Do you have any friends who live far away from you? Are you good at remembering phone numbers? Saturday is usually a lazy day for me – just playing with my children or watching some cartoons  with them and Sunday is the time when we eat out and spend some time at the park. Part 1, chuyên sâu các Topic Computer / Flower / Email / Collection, hướng dẫn về từ vựng & ideas của topic Art / Drawing / Painting, Từ vựng & ideas topic collecting trong IELTS, dạng câu hỏi về quan điểm trong Part 3 IELTS SPEAKING. Do you think laws will solve this problem? In this article, … How often do you take a break when you are studying or working? Do you like to study in the morning or in the afternoon? It’s an honest and realistic answer. Part 1 of the exam is usually of 4 to 5 minutes in which the examiner asks you the questions about your daily life to see how well you can speak English.

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