People will ambush you from balconies, allies, cars, and pretty much anywhere, which is why we didn’t bring a camera. Provides calendars for the calendar year for Bolivia. Sadly, we didn’t get many photos from Carnival, but it’s the experience that counts more than the photos.

The parade finishes at the Santuario del Socavón, the parade will enter the church to pray and express their devotion to the Virgin of Socavón. Every year the usually sleepy town of Oruro is brought to life hosting a very unique carnival that is a mix of pagan/indigenous ceremonies and Catholic symbolism. They are done in the same order as the entry dance and continue for 24 hours a day until the 19th July, except during Mass. People may grab you, push you, and tackle you, so it is important to be firm. This carnival takes up a span of two whole days with the Carnival de Lunes and the Carnival de Martes. Some of the water fights got pretty

This was brought to Chile by Bolivian salt miners. Though most shops and restaurants were closed, many people opened up small This This is a beautiful celebration that attracts visitors from not just all over Chile, but from all over the world! Also, many families will rent out rooms in their homes during carnival.

Read about the various ways in which Carnival is celebrated in different regions of Bolivia, see photos of some of the sumptuous Carnival costumes, and learn how we celebrate differently in different regions.Carnival dates back hundreds of years to another region of the world. parades started. The majority of people will travel to La Tirana from the coastal city of Iquique which is about 45 miles from La Tirana. This celebration occurs to honor the Virgen del Carmen. Between the thousands of water balloons, flying paint, busy parades, and large crowds of intoxicated people, it was a pretty intense experience, but we had a lot of fun and loved being able to be a part of this festive celebration. The origins of Oruro Carnival dates back long before the Spanish conquistadors arrived. Copyright 2018 - Compasses and Quests - All Rights Reserved -, Cusco City Guide: Everything You Need to Know Before You Go, Laguna 69: Hiking Through Paradise in Peru, Within the Cracks and Crevices of Escalante: Dry Fork, Peek-A-Boo, and Spooky Slot Canyons. A century after Bolivia gained independence from Spain socialism spread throughout Bolivia and Indigenous culture was viewed as being an ideal model for society, as well as a matter national pride.

Legend has it that a Virgin once took pity on a fatally injured man by helping him reach his home near the silver mines of Oruro before he died. We didn’t know what time the festivities would start, so we walked to the center of town mid-morning. Welcome to the presentation of the richness of a millenary culture, it is geographical diversity, myths and legends, and its world renowned carnival of Bolivia as part of intangible world heritage. A lot of temporary housing is installed during the celebration for many of the dance groups. There were also Over 207 religious brotherhoods from Arica to Copiapó,  participate in this event. They enter the temple accompanied by their band and banner.

We use cookies to personalize content, ads, and provide social media interaction and analyze traffic on our site. Slightly exhausted, we took cover This little mining town is actually home to one of the world’s most famous carnivals celebrations.

People may grab you, The final procession lasts for over 15 hours and sees thousands of dancers and musicians perform for over 15 hours. La Tirana Festival is celebrated with lots of religious ceremonies, local instrumental music performances, dance performances and parades. Where is the Festival of the Virgin of La Tirana? The following Sunday is a much smaller procession for the kids.

The natives changed their original celebrations of Anata into a three-day festival worshipping the Virgin Mary, held on the same dates as their original celebration. Hundreds of colored ribbons are attached to the base of her pedestal which are thrown to the audience, who hold them and sing while she is lowered. It is super important that you book your accommodation well in advance because there are limited hotels. For more information about tours, things to do, sightseeing tours, day trips and more click here. There is so much going on and so many people out and about that it is actually just easier to walk around. Though the most popular celebration occurs in Oruro, Carnival is also celebrated elsewhere in Bolivia. Its purpose is to bring the devotion and joy of La Tirana, back to their own streets. of overly drunk individuals. The parade is a huge part of the festivities and many floats compete for first place in the procession. It is a much smaller parade yet still incredibly colourful with lots of jubilant crowds. At 9am a major event takes place in the square.

There are also some private accommodation rental options and many locals will open their houses for the celebration.

For organised tours for carnival check out Tour Radar.

It was calm at first, but the area The celebration takes place in La Tirana, Chile. This is followed by a serenade to the Virgen del Socavón that features numerous performances from folk groups and bands. In Altiplano which is the area surrounding Oruro there are numerous archaeological sites. The atmosphere and energy is electric and the central plaza is filled with thousands of dancers. It was there that they met an Incaican Princess named Huillac Humu, who due to her hostile attitude towards the Spaniards was known as La Tirana or the tyrant in English. Always watch your belongings closely and don’t bring anything very valuable with you. and sections that would later be designated for private parties. From Bolivar Street it will run down La Plata, Adolfo Mier, Presidente Montes, La Petot, Civic Avenue and Junín street. Accommodation for the Festival of La Tirana, We and our partners use cookies to better understand your needs, improve performance and provide you with personalised content and advertisements. All rights reserved. How do they celebrate La Tirana Festival? She is the protector of Chile and believed to be the guardian of the armed forces, navy and police.

Every different dance group is assigned a specific entry time to see the Virgin, and they have 20 minutes to dance before her. The celebration begins on July 10th at 10pm and finishes on July 19th. Believers make their promise to her and are obliged to complete their promises. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Boliviana de Aviacion flies daily to Cochambamba a 30 minute flight and then continues on to Santa Cruz 2.5 hours aww. Water balloons are thrown at passer-byers and water guns spray other people.
With all the action and alcohol, we were glad that You can also reach La Tirana by road from the northern cities of Calama, Arica and Antofagasta.

The parade is led by the Archangel San Miguel who is followed by devils, bears, pumas, monkeys and condors who are all symbols of Uru mythology. Indigenous Miners believed that El Tio owns the mines and oversees their safety. hurt you, but if you begin to feel uncomfortable or unsafe, don’t be afraid to tell

When the Spanish arrived in Oruro back in the early 1600s, they discovered the locals mining the land for silver. Nobody is intending to Furthermore there is a mandatory dry law on during the celebration, with alcohol checkpoints at every entrance, to avoid public drunkenness. It was declared a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in … The Indians refused to renounce their beliefs continuing to worship Ito in secret, under the guise of Catholic rituals. While today La Tirana Festival is a celebration that is done in the name of the Virgen del Carmen, it still has many traditions that stretch back centuries to the indigenous Andean people.

The Essential Guide to Recife & Olinda Carnival in Brazil, Your Ultimate Guide to Ouro Preto Carnival Brazil. It is an incredible mix between the ancient Andean and Spanish colonial traditions and religions.

By the mid-18th century the Andean rituals had entirely morphed into Catholic observances which created the modern Oruro Carnival celebrations as we know them.

The dye didn’t ever come out of our clothes and took a few days to come off our skin. Spending Carnival in Bolivia was a truly unique experience

Bolivian Carnival USA .

Get a quote through our recommended insurance provider, The Famous Dance of the Devil – La Diabla, Devil’s Monday – Day of the Devil and Moreno. The statue of the Virgin, a smaller one from the temple, is lowered into the square. Get a quote through our recommended insurance provider. Many of the dances of Oruro Carnival are all based on the Virgin. There are several bus companies that connect Oruro with different Bolivian cities. In the 18th century a little town and church was created in that location. The Wara Wara is the other option and this departs on Sundays and Wednesdays. El Tio is the most recognised Oruro Carnival Character. One week after the groups have departed La Tirana, they gather together in their home cities for a fiesta chica. The dance groups take turn dancing and singing, and everywhere you look people are socializing and in good spirits. Throughout the festival you will see many people wearing fearsome costumes and masks, which are done to chase the demons away. Every year the city of Oruro is home to one of the most famous carnivals in the world. With so many dance groups, the performances run for days, and are scheduled around the clock.

They also leave him many gifts of food, alcohol, cocoa and cigarettes.

With all of the paint, dye, and water, wear clothes and shoes you don’t mind getting ruined.

This celebration is the biggest localized religious event in Chile and attracts around 250,000 visitors to this tiny village of 1500 inhabitants. This is then followed by Mass. It comes just before the beginning of Lent, a 40-day religious fast from that begins on Ash Wednesday and runs up to Easter Sunday.

It is done to symbolise good things to come! That being said, it was

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