Between them, Kaluuya, Brown Findlay and Euros Lyn create a genuinely moving sci-fi drama.

Black Mirror’s first episode was a nail-biting piece of satire that unfolded almost like an episode of 24. He was ultimately selected for this show because they government wanted the opportunity to kill him. All bangers and mash. That’s what’s so brilliant about the final twist—the audience’s silence.

If an individual wishes to skip an advertisement or a show they are required to pay in the merits they have earned on the bike. His heart captured by Abi’s singing, Bing spends every last bit of cash in his bank account (the Fifteen Million Merits of the title) on an entry ticket for the show. Individuals live in cells with surround sound and television screens that followed their eyes with every movement.

In running man, Ben was aware that the gesture to join the special ops team was simply a ploy to control and manipulate him which is why he declined it. But “Fifteen Million Merits” is a grander work in every way, a dazzling piece of science fiction that builds its world out slowly but perfectly over the course of an hour—and packs an emotional wallop along with the “15 minutes into the future” warning you already expect. Bingham inherits 12 million merits from his deceased brother, then spends it and 3 million more to get Abi onto Hot Shots. Nevertheless, Fifteen Million Merits is a brilliant, heart-felt sci-fi drama. In a world where people's lives consist of riding exercise bikes to gain credits, Bing tries to help a woman get on to a singing competition show. Packed into sterile, gym-like spaces, these professional cyclists apparently generate the energy that runs the entire society.

Most importantly, there’s an X Factor type show called Hot Shots hosted by three preening judges, the most feared/respected being Judge Hope (Rupert Everett), a nasty Simon Cowell type. Bing proceeds to take the offer of getting a stream to display his rage, which is pretty ironic given what he argued so passionately about.

Such an existence is pretty miserable to contemplate, so much of the energy is used to distract the citizenry as they perform their mundane tasks. We have some idea, maybe, of what Bing is plotting, but every piece of his plan is laid out slowly and carefully for the audience. Julia Davis makes a welcome appearance as Judge Charity. Like the classic dystopian novels Nineteen Eighty-Four, Brave New World and We, which I mentioned in my spoiler-free review last week, Fifteen Million Merits is centred around a doomed relationship.

Shocking the audience and judges love his passion and applaud, offering him a show that would be broadcast once a week. Does he want to die, want to be free of his torturous little bedroom?

He lives in a tiny box room where every wall is a screen and everything is paid for out of an account of “merits,” from toothpaste to the power to skip annoying ads.

This, we understand, is the only ticket out of bike-land. In order to create a different an individual must go against the grain and what the government is telling them to do. No worries, we got you covered with this cheat guide. As a public figure when he is able to get face time he attempts to speak out about the inequalities in their society and how the powerful are withholding gas masks from the poor that could decrease the death of lung complications by millions. In season 1 episode 2 of Black Mirror titled 15 Million Merits we witnessed a futuristic society in winch individuals were controlled entirely by their government through the use of mediated technology.

Black Mirror’s first episode was a nail-biting piece of satire that unfolded almost like an episode of 24.The prime minister fucking a pig on national television is a tough act to follow. It has also showed the power that media has on a society and that whoever controls the media is able to control the society.

In this society everything is grey and bleak.

Nevertheless, Fifteen Million Merits is a brilliant, heart-felt sci-fi drama.

Haunted by his mistake, Bing seethes with anger and guilt, and finds a way to gain an audience with the Hot Shot judges and hold them to account for the way they exploit the entrants on their show – only to be offered his own chance of escape from a life of drudgery, which he too accepts. Both accepts and the next time you see him he is doing a weekly broadcast screaming about the unfairness of their society in a beautiful pent house, with a view, that he is now living in. These advertisements or shows mostly consist of porn, singing competitions and other shows that are degrading to all walks of life.

Linking sausages.

One assumes that the earth is undergoing some sort of energy crisis, post-oil, and the population is needed to power our lights instead. No need to go into detail on how this whole sequence unfolds, but again, it’s perfectly done.

That might end up being the rule of Black Mirror. Bing works his ass off to earn fifteen million merits to cut his throat on live television, but they see it as an act of entertainment rather than pure rage. Black Mirror Season 5 Is Surprisingly Optimistic About Technology, Black Mirror episode 2 spoiler-free review: Fifteen Million Merits, Inside Black Mirror: 50 Nerdy Details From The Official Book, Nintendo Holiday Gift Guide: Best Consoles and Games to Buy, Star Wars: The Mandalorian Season 2 Episode 1 Easter Eggs Explained, Give Comics Hope: Here's How You Can Help Save Comic Book Stores, Barbarians' True Story: the Battle of Teutoburg Forest, Arminius and Roman Defeat, Black Mirror episode two spoiler-filled review: Fifteen Million Merits. From the opening shot, director Euros Lyn (veteran of Doctor Who and Torchwood) captures our eye at every turn.

And be our Facebook chum here. Like all great works of dystopian fiction, Fifteen Million Merits is about contemporary concerns – in this instance, about the potentially controlling, isolating downside of technology – but also about the fragility of relationships. The blinkered, transactional world makes sense to us. Your email address will not be published / Required fields are marked *.

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