Koji Igarashi (五十嵐 孝司 Igarashi Kōji? Ritual of the Night is “starting point” for IP. He happily agreed to do it, and that was that! All rights reserved. Of course, long hair would have been just as hard to do in 3-D as a skirt, so it became a ponytail. Let me explain as we go further with this interview... IGA: Circle of the Moon has great music, but with Harmony of Dissonance, we had to sacrifice the music and focus more on the visual side of the game. Koji Igarashi, also known as IGA, works at Konami and is now the frontman for the Castlevania Series. IGA: The original version. Because since Dracula only appears every 100 years, we made the whole timeline and ran out of places to put in another game. Japanese So we thought it was a good chance to deliver a Castlevania game over PSP.

IGA: You want more details of the War in 1999? The candles are people's souls that were taken by Death or by the vampires. With our Harmony of Dissonance, you will not be frustrated too much with the darkness of screen. So considering both the existing fans and people who are playing a Castlevania game for the first time, I re-selected the characters based on their weapons, presence and attributes. Nationality Although, I purposefully left the Sonia Belmont character (from Castlevania: Legends for GBC) out of the official Castlevania chronology. Do you know NECA, an American action figure maker? IGA: I'm not, up to this point, talking about the expected areas that you're talking about, but... we're thinking that Sega Saturn version, with the part you're talking about, is really awful... GR: That extra area down at the bottom... GR: Yeah, one's just a room and that was pointless. Place of birth Interview with Computer and Video Games.com Jul 2002 about Harmony of Dissonance, Interview with Gamasutra in October 2007 about the future of 2D gaming, Interview with Wired Oct 2007 about Dracula X Chronicles.

I've thought about this stuff. To be honest, it was a reaction to fans; they are the ones who have been requesting a female lead. IGA: There's still a lot more to that story [laughs].

He also got a "Special Thanks" at the end of PC Engine Dracula X. As for your other question... yes, definitely, translating his art style into 3D models is very difficult. There's also the issue of the Wii controller. It's difficult to do those sorts of precise movements when you're waving something around. Plus, Mr. Hagihara (the director) had a playful sense of humor. None of them have been successful save Ecclesia. However, the game happens during a time when the Belmont clan has vanished, along with their legendary whip, the Vampire Killer. He first worked as a programmer, on a simulation game under the education software department, but that title was ultimately never released. So we came up with the idea of using short gameplay sessions and decided to make a 3D versus action genre game.

The main focus of this game is a celebration of the franchise's 22-year history, so I wanted to bring these characters together like a festival. You might be surprised to see some of the characters that were announced. But once the team comes up with the new game system and then I think it's right to put it in 1999, then I will tell a story in that timeline. But one's a full sized area and that's OK. IGA: You are right, but... if that happens with the PlayStation [version] it's a failure. Maria was a little more difficult. With that said though, I would love to use the Wii Motion Plus peripheral in the future. Another major enhancement will be enemy characters. PM: Can we expect to find out why the Belmonts lost use of the whip in future games? In regards to anime it was a little easier to do trailers and animated cut scenes with the new illustration style and things like that.

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