Your students will love learning to find missing addends with this fun math game! I absolutely love this activity – and how you let it evolve and vary based on the child, their age, interest and need. I've gotten incredible feedback from my first grade centers, so I am excited to be p, **Check out free sample centers from Month 1 here and Month 7 here! Then “oh no” a storm is coming they better hurry back! Welcome to Fantastic Fun and Learning. 6 hidden under container ( in cave) Explore thousands of teacher-tested classroom activities to engage your students and save you time. 3. I play a Bear Math game in grade 1. Since we read the book prior to turning our dramatic play area into a bear’s den, the children were ready to role play what happened in the book. All you need to play are the included instructions and score board/math mat, counters, and a pencil for each player!

During journal time, my little ones will pick a word, write i, "Bear Wants More" is a great Spring book about Bear waking up from hibernation, and this book companion will give you a variety of easy-to-implement activities for many of your common preschool and kindergarten language goals, with many no prep activities included to save you time! – 1 child closes his eyes, while the other hides some bears in the cave. Your students will stay engaged with the hands-on STEM activity, retelling activities, student book, and whole class anchor charts.These fun and engagi, Help student retell, understand story elements and sequences with this interactive story companion. You can click on the bears and send them to the cave and then make the cave disappear and count the bears that were inside. Students will be able to demonstrate comprehension of the story through WH questions, writing sheets and pictures. For this game, one child hides a certain number of bear counters in the "cave" (cup/tofu container).
"Bears in the Cave" is a classic math game perfect for your average pre-school, Kindergarten, and 1st grade friends. What an awesome adaptation. *Please note ~ This is ONLY a supplemental map activity. Have you ever had students that are either ahead or behind of where y, Students will "play" this Bears in a Cave activity to find missing addends of 10. We added a great big stuffed bear along with smaller stuffed animals. Perfect for partner station time! Game Cards Students LOVE “The Cool Bear Hunt” song! I’ll have to check it out. They will work on writing addition sentences as well as making sums up to 10. (Writing Activities). Later when she ran out of spots on the tray she started grouping them by color. I hope your grandkids have fun with it! Thanks for linking up to Share It Saturday~ I’ll be featuring your idea this week.

Here’s what we did: We had her roll the dice to hop in the cave to get safe from the coming rainstorm. *Anchor charts

Shows resources that can work for all subjects areas, Adding, subtracting, and bears, oh my! Student #1 rolls th, Your students will love practicing their counting on strategy with this lesson! It is perfect for back to school season and something that would make a great formative assessment for the first week of school. For the best experience, please use Chrome or Firefox. Comments are closed.

You'll be able to simplify your planning by using the materials included and just, This retelling pack was made to be used after reading 'Bear Snores On' by Karma Wilson. Then (maraca shakes) the storm is here! You may use it, There were 7 bears in the cave. 2 bears left the cave.

Students will figure out how many bears are hiding in the cave, given the total number of bears and the number of bears outside the cave. They ask their partner how many bears are in the cave.

October 2013 I really appreciate the feature. 1. This is a great hands-on activity for whole-group instruction, individual work or math ce, "Bears in a Cave" is a fun activity for first and second grade to practice the missing addend.
2. google_ad_slot = "2247582649"; (See preview for example.) Retelling Pack Includes: An Emergent Reader with lots of good picture support, This package includes 13 pages of Penguin and Polar Bear related activities: !” how many bears brought back food! How many bears are not in the first cave? They ask their partner how many bears are in the cave. I later added to it to help my second graders understand what happens when there is a missing addend and how to use the information known to create a turn around or related fact. There is such a difference even among kids of the same age.

She immediately noticed that the gummy bears smell good, so she spent a bit of time picking them up and smelling them.

(roll the dice) and then the storm is here (shake maraca over cave) and have them enjoy their food. They say 6 and 2. This is so cute! Thanks for the great idea!

Students will start with a set number of bears. Required fields are marked *. As a matter of fact, the map can be used as a writing organizer. Explain that students will take turns with their partner hiding some of the bears in the, Students will figure out how many bears are hiding in the cave, given the total number, Students will continue taking turns hiding bears in the cave until they have found. Compatible with: Chromebooks, computers, iPads, iPhones, Android tablets, Android phones, Kindle Fire, Pumpkin Investigation-whole group or small group activity.

Now at home I am learning how to vary the activities even more for my 4 littles who will be ages 1, 2, 3, and 4 (after next weekend’s birthday!). “Phew, the others are back!”. Just add simple materials from around your classroom -> math manipulatives (any, Make addition fun with this Bears in a Cave activity packet! Kids love playing this. Students will continue taking turns hiding bears in the cave until they have found different combinations for the total number. Will probably do this with my grandkids! Many printables are offered in color and black and white. We discuss vocabulary before we read the story. Use dice to make it a game!Included in the set:Co. We had some gummy bears, so we used those. Addition Worksheets How many bears are there altogether? Find the full Math Bundle here:

They walked the bears around, created different scenes, and told stories. Your email address will not be published. https://www.teach, "Bears in a Cave" is a fun activity for first and second grade to practice the missing addend. The bear roars loudly and says that he is trying to sleep. /* Large Rectangle */ Bear Themed Book Companion, Kindergarten Penguin and Polar Bear Activities, Bear Says Thanks Preschool Book Companion for Speech Therapy, Bear Book Companion Bundle for Speech Therapy- Low Prep, Bear Wants More Speech Therapy Book Companion, Bear Stays Up For Christmas: Interactive Story Companion, The Very Cranky Bear: Activities to Go Along With the Story, The Silly Bear Hunt: Map Skills with a Literacy Twist! *Facts book - sorting activity2. A cover Page As a matter of fact, the map can be used as a writing organizer. It works well with a full map unit. Addition Recording Sheet We started with our bear cave, a number cube, and small bears.

or you can buy it now! They added a few more arctic animals to the snow as well. Includes two crafts/art projects, lots of learning activities; including many math and alphabet activities. Check out free sample centers from this month here and Month 7 here! Vocabulary Cards: Print, laminate, and display. When he says 2, the partner lifts container to check if correct. Tap All of the activities can be printed and prepped for individual student use (just laminate or place in page protectors so it's easy-to-clean!). Provide each student at the station with 10 counting bears (or other small manipluatives, a "cave" (large bowl flipped upside down), and a dice. Students will be composing/decompos, Bears in a Cave Missing Addend Math Game, Score Card, & Math Mat Part-Part Whole, Math Stations: Bears in a Cave - Adding with missing parts activity. Directions Aiden (age 8) painted his bear cave and then added lights to his. 8 Bear Photographs and song4.

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