He shoots Elainna in the shoulder before taking on Bruce with his crowbar.

Barbara notices that Two-Face's coin is still missing and theorizes it went down with the submarine. Batman Beyond Meanwhile, Dick is still at odds with Elainna's decision to become Batwoman, but Barbara convinces him to let his daughter become the woman she wants to be. Family He is also a cunning manipulator and strategist. It will take place in the future of its current stories' history. [30], The Jokerz have launched several attacks all over the city, taking over the Ostrander, the Water Treatment Plant, and St. Caspian's Middle School.

He rejoined the Justice League Unlimited and become Batman again. He was an enemy of Batman (Terry McGinnis). The following characters appear in the comic book adaptations:

Matt finds the Justice League imprisoned within the Watchtower in Metropolis, but when he frees them to help Tim, they do not cooperate as they have a device implanted on them to make it look like every person they see are robots created by Brother Eye.

It's revealed that Andrea was hired by Amanda Waller to take out Jake as killing goes against what Batman represents. Terry thinks Melanie stole it and confronts her about it. Batman and Robin are barely able to save their friends from the explosion. Doug arrives and throws Bruce out the window as he prepares to kill his family. Bruce deactivates the Bureau's satellite and tries to reason with Kirk. Batman lures him into the containment machine by having Dick use Spellbinder's orb to disguise himself as the Davis' father, giving Davis enough of a distraction for Batman to knock him into the machine to defeat him. After he returns to the cave, Terry receives a talk from Bruce about commitment to Batman. These include a six-issue miniseries from 1999, a 24-issue series that ran from 1999 to 2001, the 2010 "Hush" arc in comic books by DC Comics, and a 2011 eight-issue series. After walking with Terry to talk to her father, she takes him to see Bruce.

Animation in collaboration with DC Comics as a continuation of the Batman legacy.

Mr. He loses his trust in Bruce after finding out what happened to Dick and Barbara and decides to end their partnership. In the Arkham Institute, Davis Dusk meets Ghoul in the middle of his father's interview with a reporter, which eventually leads him into becoming Rewire. Bred for battle on the hellish world of Apokolips, Big Barda became one of her world's greatest warriors and served as the leader of Darkseid's personal guard, the Female Furies. "[12], The story arc opened in a single issue focusing on and featuring Terry McGinnis and Superman in Superman/Batman Annual #4. Meanwhile, the News 52 prepares to cover the riot, but Jack refuses to anchor it as he cannot find Adalyn. Barbara thinks that Dick has held Sam against her will and feels that she ruined his life, but Dick responds that he just wants the best for her. [8] The story features Terry McGinnis, the future Batman, now a seasoned hero, and his mentor Bruce Wayne, the former Batman, dealing with their straining relationship over the demands of the role of Batman, as a new killer emerges with ties to the original Dark Knight's past.[9]. When he goes down to dispel the chaos, both sides start to attack him. She ends the fight by using a bomb to rupture Blight's containment suit and bring the facility's roof down before escaping.

The technology of splicing becomes outlawed shortly after his defeat. After the team locates Splitt at a Powers facility, False Face arrives and battles them as Batman before proposing an alliance with them, revealing his true identity to Bruce, Melanie, and Matt in the process. As the League of Assassins begin to destroy Gotham with their ships to find Damian, Elainna and Dick team up with Terry, Damian, and Goliath to take them out while Bruce destroys their large flying battleship with his satellite.

send you an email once approved. heads to Gotham General to murder his father, Dana steps in front of his gun. Melanie reluctantly accepts the job. Bennett disappeared shortly afterwards, but is found by Gordon in a hidden compartment in his laboratory. Terry used the Rewire suit to instigate four nights of power outages, causing riots which kept the police and Batman distracted from Spellbinder's activities. Days later, Bruce has regained his memories, False Face operates as a merciless Batman, and Terry lives homeless in the slums. To give them a purpose in this new world, Bruce told them they could continue Magnus' plans for them to protect the people of Earth, even providing them with the Injustice Gang's old satellite base to use as a home. The two say their last goodbyes before T and his trainer head back to their timeline. One night, a woman breaks into the Batcave and steals Terry's Batsuit, vowing to protect Neo-Gotham herself.[51]. During Terry's fight with "Hush," it is revealed that he is not only capable of matching Terry, but is also aware it is not Bruce Wayne. After hearing about the Justice Lords incident, he steals Ghoul's formula and becomes Rewire again. At Cadmus, Waller learns that Doctor Reid has gone missing. Batman interrogates the Jokerz on Scab's behavior, but the criminals treat him like a demon as well. Bruce also introduces Terry to the two new Chief Liaisons to the Police Department: Lucius Fox Jr. and Tim Drake. The attack fails as Hush attempts to hack the Drone, forcing Bruce to activate the Wraith's self-destruct.

Dick Grayson arrives and saves the doctor, however Reid is terrified and faints after seeing Grayson's face. Batman Beyond eventually ceased publication with its 29th digital issue, in July 2013.[25]. When she witnesses the train attack on television, she goes to her office to contact the White House, only to find the Joker (who was behind the Jokerz' deaths) sitting in her chair. It began airing on January 10, 1999 and ended its run on December 18, 2001. Terry's ex-girlfriend, Dana Tan, operates as a social worker and is kidnapped by the Jokerz while working in the slums of Neo-Gotham.

Before they continue arguing, they are attacked by a large group of Man-Bats. When Barbara turns on the Bat-Signal, Terry initially chooses to ignore it. The series ends with Terry, Bruce, Barbara, and Dick having a meal in Dick's hospital room.[40]. The future son of John Stewart and Shayera Hol, Rex Stewart is a member of the Justice League Unlimited. Several plot threads were not resolved and left for the 2012 relaunch.

Matt runs away to Metropolis, forcing Tim to go after him. They discover that the M.O. The electricity in Arkham then shuts down, leading to a massive prison break. The second storyline featured the return of Blight, Terry's original nemesis. Barbara confirms to the group at the morgue that the Joker is truly dead. to kick Matt and Melanie out of the mansion. Shortly after, they get word of a gunfight near the boathouses between Mad Stan and the Russians. The battle strained Bruce's heart and Terry helps him to get to the mansion and get his medication. Matt has a difficult time accepting Tim filling in for his brother's shoes. Meanwhile, Terry goes to Dana's house and meets her brother, Doug. The Jokerz knock out Terry and tie him and Dana upside down above a vat of acid. Voiced by Kevin Conroy. Years later, Carson Jatts used the wand to become the next Matter Master. The once laughable Calculator turned over a new leaf to become a highly skilled information broker for villains. To be with his girlfriend, Dana Tan (failed at first until they forgave each other) To save Gotham from various villains (succeeded) To work with the former Batman aka Bruce Wayne (succeeded) He goes to her apartment and learns that she was alone all night writing down "The Bat" on hundreds of sheets of paper. DCComics.com: Welcome to the Official Site for DC. Gordon receives info from the coroner that someone killed Dusk by pumping his phone with electricity through the air. Category page. When Terry returns to the Batcave, Bruce tells him that he inhaled some of Andrea's fear toxin and started acting irrationally. Two issues also provided an in-depth exploration of characters Max Gibson and Inque, whose origins were revealed. This was however a cover so that Bruce can secretly train Terry to become the new Batman and provide money for his family after Warren's death.

© 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. When Terry returns to the Bat Cave and mentions that a member of the League tried to recruit him again, Bruce Wayne, Terry's mentor, immediately replies to "tell them no". Born with a partial strand of the original Batman's DNA, Terry McGinnis was a reformed juvenile delinquent who stole the Batman suit to avenge the murder of his father.

Luke does not allow them in due to the limited supplies they have for the inhabiting citizens as it is, but they eventually bust the wall and start overwhelming the security. Batman Beyond Series » A continuation of the Batman Animated Series set in the future where a retired Bruce Wayne let's a reformed troublemaker take his mantle and become the new Batman.

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