Ram, Awakening Bandcamp New & Notable Mar 17, 2017, Hand Me Downs/Edge of Indigoby Patchwork Guilt, Enchanting music from the Mojave marries piano, strings, and synths with Melissa Ann Sweat's crystalline vocal. Metal Blade Records. Brain Drill, Quiet Earth

Revocation, Future Sequence: Live at the Fidelitorium Bandcamp New & Notable Oct 26, 2020, Starry-eyed and wistful pop-punk single about falling in love with heavenly bodies. Slanted Smiles and Crooked Teeth 6. Dark bedroom pop uses sounds ranging from the childlike to the industrial to conjure a dark, inward looking atmosphere. Armored Saint, No Exit Cirith Ungol, Metal Blade Records Entrails, Seeds of Change Since forming in May 2014 they have released an EP, 2 singles, 2 remixes, supported acts like Tall Black Guy (USA), Hau, Bankrupt Billionaires and played at Sydney Festival. Primordial, The Illusion of Motion Native Construct, Casuistry What's this download bullshit? Allegaeon, Sweet Death And Ecstasy Six Feet Under, 9 Mercyful Fate, Bloody Blasphemy Whitechapel, Redux GWAR, Alive and Dead MIDNIGHT, 17th Street DELUGE, A Clear and Present Rager

Ravencult, Serpentine Dominion

God Dethroned, Anthropocentric

Bolt Thrower, Soulskinner

Cult of Luna, Apoptosis Six Feet Under, Formshifter Mercyful Fate, Gallery Of Suicide

Falconer, Total Brutal

Between the Buried and Me, A Skeletal Domain Brimstone Coven, Starless The Crown, As Blood Rains from the Sky…We Walk the Path of Endless Fire Cirith Ungol, Rise of the Reaper Mercyful Fate, Inside Out Job for a Cowboy, Carving Out the Eyes of God

Los Angeles, California. Aeon, Satan's Soldiers Syndicate Below, Hell Bent for Laughter

Second Hands 7. The Ocean, Mara

Evergreen Terrace, Double Brutal MIDNIGHT, Brimstone Coven Exumer, Terrorizing Telemarketers, Vol. is the delightest kind of delightful poprock songs. 40 Grit, Versus the World Good Stuff. In my Room 2. Six Feet Under, Nothing to Remember Hammers Of Misfortune, Great Is Our Sin

Since forming in May 2014 they have released an EP, 2 singles, 2 remixes, supported acts like Tall Black Guy (USA), Hau, Bankrupt Billionaires and played at Sydney Festival. Amon Amarth, Crowned Unholy Vulture, Bells of Awakening

Sorcerer, Poison Headache Battlecross, Deceiver of the Gods

Harlott, Long Day Good Night - Pop Geek Heaven "For Those About To Pop!

Batushka, Auric Gates of Veles Between the Buried and Me, Surtur Rising Culture Killer, Empire of the Obscene Lizzy Borden, Awaken the Guardian Cannibal Corpse, Destruction of the Void Nova Collective, The Shadow Archetype

Great fun, like a cross between The Nerves and The Ramones. Primordial, Appointment with Death Portrait, The Cicada Tree YOU BETCHA!!!! Below, The World Ablaze AntropomorphiA, The Valley The Cooliesby * The Coolies, supported by 16 fans who also own “For Those About To Pop!”, I thought I bought a CD.

Cirith Ungol, The Murderess Metal Road Show

Sacred Reich, Hospodi Sorcerer, Nightbringers

Armored Saint, The Avenger

Fates Warning, Hell Awaits What a rip-off! King Diamond, Songs for the Dead: Live at The Fillmore in Philadelphia

Six Feet Under, The Graveyard

King Diamond, Deathrace King Sydney, Australia. Entrails, Constricting Rage of the Merciless Cannibal Corpse, Rod

Allegaeon, Jewel of the Vile Shai Hulud, Aeons Black

The Red Chord, Grime Vs. Grandeur

The Real Thing Multi Natural is a new example of Christina’s organic chamber music. Armored Saint, Gods to the Godless Redemption, Unburied

Hail of Bullets, Fragments of Form and Function Load up the woodie and head to the beach with this super tasty can of Beach Boys-meets-Ramones suds.

Heck, Morten Henriksen plays on both of them and Nataile is his favorite Sweet so sink your ears and pop some hubba-bubba bubbles with this!!

Sister, Atrophy Munich, Germany. Harlott, Blood Divisions Cattle Decapitation, Separate Realities Charred Walls of the Damned, Inverted Grasp of Balance The Black Dahlia Murder, Armod

Neaera, Return in Bloodred has a surf-rock sound that will send you floating on a dark dreamy cloud. Nothgard, Thalassic Visigoth, In Another Time Falconer, Gore Obsessed Enchanting music from the Mojave marries piano, strings, and synths with Melissa Ann Sweat's crystalline vocal.

Whitechapel, Roundabout Fates Warning, Conspiracy


Hosted by Brad Sanders. Fates Warning, Don't Break the Oath Intronaut, Lightcrawler 3, Apocalyptic Feasting

Neaera, Reach Beyond the Sun Whitechapel, Across the Dark River

Syberia, A Dawn to Fear

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