They need to start focusing close in on the board instead of the people so that those watching on tv can read the board!!!!! Synonyms and word forms are acceptable if they correctly fill in the same blank(s) (for example, "chefs" and "cooking" would both be acceptable for "cooks," but "physician" would not be acceptable for "doctor"). If the team can give all ten correct answers before time runs out, they win $15,000 plus the $1,000 from the main game for a total of $16,000. I thought it would be contingent upon how many correct answers a team would guess in the first half of the bonus and the cash at stake would be multiplied by ten in the latter half. If the team cannot guess all seven, then the opposing team is given a chance to steal the remaining answers at 100 points each. The team has a total of 30 seconds to guess all seven answers correctly. Today’s television age of reboots and revivals is essentially a temporary concession from Hollywood on how increasingly difficult it is to create completely original content. There are several elements within GSN’s newest series that mimic the long-running survey game show, including a centralized survey board, pairs of teams comprised of four contestants (albeit this was only seen in the 1994 US version), the arched backdrops, the ability for opponents to steal potential points, teams going down the line to give answers and the three-round, single/double/triple front game format. Sorry but the Host had to be the worst dress game show host I’ve ever seen. It would at least make more sense to me if the top prize were set at $10,000 or $20,000 so it would look more aesthetically pleasing mathematically and the money would be better distributed than stiffing the team a penny. The top answer must be correctly guessed for the first question, the top two answers for the second, the top three answers for the third and the top four answers for the fourth.

Change ). Each correct answer earns the team 100 points and guessing all seven answers correctly on a single turn earns the team a 1,000-point bonus. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. It’s way too hard to read because the font is so small.
The second round is played the same way, with 200 points given for each correct answer and a 2,000-point bonus for all seven. On October 29, 2019, "The Canadians" (Ayumi Iizuka, Doug Morency, David Ivkovic, and Paul 'PK' Kingston) became the first team to complete a perfect game, amassing 10,400 points in three perfect rounds of 1,700 points, 3,400 points, and 5,100 points (plus a 200-point steal), and winning the bonus round. If there are any unrevealed answers remaining on the board, the opposing team has two chances to confer and attempt to guess the remaining answer(s) on the board. it just seems that there is often some kind of obscure answer that someone may have said, but it seems unlikely very many people did. (Do you remember his as Elaine’s boyfriend who shaved his head for the swim team on “Seinfeld?”) Season three has just been announced. The host is a complete a – – hole. this is the worst game show ever in the history of tv. Set Design- 6 Gameplay- 6 Show Flow- 6 Potential Viewer Ratings- 5 Play-Along Factor- 10 Host- 7 Overall Rating- 6.6 Premise: Two teams comprised of four contestants compete against each other to answer survey questions. Can this be corrected. America Says raised Game Show Network's ratings by 26% over its time slot lead-in, and its women 25-54 ratings by more than 40%. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Are you fu**ing kidding me? The Skip Button can only be used once during the Bonus Round, and cannot be used once three of the four questions are completed (as there is no other question with which to pass). if Player Two gave the last correct answer for a question, the next question's guessing starts with Player Three). ( Log Out /  The players are lined up in their same order around a central console with a large red Skip Button.

[10], Actor John Michael Higgins Named as Host of Game Show Network's New Survey-Based Show, AMERICA SAYS-BroadwayWorld TV. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. QUICK REMINDER: Guest Stars To Appear On ABC’s Sunday Fun & Games Lineup, View TheBlogIsRight’s profile on Facebook, View dexter-johnson-54741636’s profile on LinkedIn, The Blog Is Right: Game Show Reviews and More, News In A Flash!

A recent discovery, and a new favorite of mine. Otherwise, the team walks away with a $1,000 consolation prize. I am not familiar with him prior to this show but I enjoy him and the questions…most of the hosts do not speak but shout all the time and it is annoying….. Thanking you in advance for your prompt attention. For the first survey question, only the top answer is needed, the second needs the top two answers, the third needs the top three answers, and the fourth and final question needs the top four answers. "Actor John Michael Higgins Named as Host of Game Show Network's New Survey-Based Show, "Game Show Network Announces Season 2 of "America Says, "Game Show Network Greenlights Season 2 of AMERICA SAYS Hosted by John Michael Higgins", "Game Show Network on Instagram: "Your favorite fill-in-the-blank Game Show returns with ALL NEW episodes! ( Log Out /  Play starts again with the Team Captain, and is similar to the Main Game: a correct guess allows the player to give another answer, a wrong answer passes control to the next player in line. I like the America Says show, and I like the host. No one ever wins the big $15000 and $1000 isn’t enough. The first player offers an answer, and keeps giving answers until giving an answer that is not on the board, at which point control passes to the next player in line. I have a suggestion. They need to call Steve Harvey for some needed help. However, if you love Family Feud, you will like America Says.

Guessing ten top answers correctly wins the team $15,000. : Quick Game Show Updates #105, Quarantine Catch-Up: “Don’t″ Rapid Review, STAY TUNED: “Celebrity Family Feud”, “Press Your Luck” & “Match Game” Return To ABC Sunday, May 31. If you get all 10 correct, you get a $5,000 bonus for a total of $15,000 max. Don’t make people try to used words like “jackalope”. I seriously doubt, sometimes, if an answer in the final round, is really a top answer. In each round, both teams have 30 seconds to guess the top seven fill-in-the-blank answers. Considering the current nature of GSN’s primetime schedule, I can see the network redundantly airing a slew of Harvey’s Family Feud following a doubleheader of the new show. I watch this show as often as I can… l like the host because he does not shout like all the other hosts. Why did they start that?? Also cannot see it on the board (do not have a giant TV screen). Likewise, the third round is played for 300 points per answer and 3,000 bonus points for all seven. How do they determine “best answers”? If the answer given is correct, that captain wins the game for his or her team. In the event of a tie after the third round, a tiebreaker is played between the team captains. Like the show BUT when audience gives answer to last blank it often os not audible on TV and host turns away when he says what it is. America Says is an American television game show hosted by John Michael Higgins and broadcast by Game Show Network.The series, which premiered on June 18, 2018, consists of two teams of four guessing the top answers to fill-in-the-blank survey questions. Split 4 ways it’s less than $4,000 each. The guessing for each subsequent question begins with the player next in line (i.e. u idiots think family fued is good.i like america says.
[7] On June 12, 2019, GSN and Sony Pictures Entertainment announced that the show would be launched in syndication for the 2019-20 television season.[8]. 1 Gameplay 1.1 Main Game 1.2 Bonus Round 2 Rating 3 Gallery 4 Link 2 teams, each with 4 members and a team name play 3 rounds of surveys and puzzles. Review: Upon reading about the general description about the new show hours after the network’s annual upfront presentation unveiled its slate of new and returning programming for 2018 a couple of months ago, America Says appeared to be a knock-off Americanized version of Family Feud. but no one ever wins the piddly $15,000. Once all the needed answers for each question are correctly guessed, the clock stops and the next question is revealed. I watch the show, I’m not satisfied with some of the choice of seems as though some of them are designed for certain americans.the questions should be something that all Americans go through or deal with or just familiar with.thats why I don’t really like the show.i’m a black female and it’s questions about certain actresses or musicians that I’ve never heard of.which a team that’s Caucasian may know every answer.i think that’s very Bias. I’m also surprised at the lack of consolation money ($100/answer) awarded to the winning team who fell short in the end game. It is so hard to see the final answer after both teams have guessed . I can’t stand the complete show. Host Higgins has loosened up, and is quite amusing when contestants say/do something wacky! If a team member feels they are stuck on a question, they can hit the Skip Button (which stops the clock) and skip to the next question.

The bonus round, which resembles the Bullseye round featured on Feud during the Combs, ’94 Dawson and O’Hurley eras, has its pros and cons. The series, which premiered on June 18, 2018, consists of two teams of four guessing the top answers to fill-in-the-blank survey questions. I don’t see a logical rhyme or reason why the top prize was set at a relatively random figure like $15,000 given the show’s structure. Be careful. The highest scoring team advances to the end game. If the answer given is incorrect, then the other team wins automatically. The great part about the end game is how the difficultly increasingly ramps up for questions since the scope has narrowed for winning teams to now exactly guess up to the top four answers. I can understand awarding $1,000 for a team winning the front game. However in this case, it is possible to create a survey-based game show without completely ripping off Feud, as we have seen with Hot Potato, Pointless and Let’s Ask America. You can’t read it while watching on TV. For example, if the question is "When I think of Italy, I think of [blank]," an answer might be "L______ T____" for Leaning Tower. America Says is an American television game show hosted by John Michael Higgins and broadcast by Game Show Network. For instance, in an episode I just watched, the question “____ melts quickly”. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account.

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