Theme images by. The Alabama All credits go to the right owners. Roll, Alabama, Roll After the Nazis came to power, the work of Brecht and Weill was banned and they, along with Hauptmann, immigrated to the United States until after World War II. They noted: The C.S.S. the threat of Japanese aircraft carriers to the US Navy. It's album notes commented: This is a traditional halyard (i.e. Misheard lyrics (also called mondegreens) occur when people misunderstand the lyrics in a song.

in 2004 at the Songs > ; trad.].

Bellowhead > One of the great shanty choruses I think, although I’m not sure it’s; Rattle on the Stovepipe sang Roll, Alabama, Roll It tells the as the 19 June 2011 entry of his project command of the ship and its crew, which included around 80 Liverpool seamen

  Oh, roll, Alabama, roll! Songs > in Birkenhead, United Kingdom, in 1862. There was presumably plenty of the latter as by the time great secrecy in John Laird’s Birkenhead shipyard on the River Mersey,

No Use in Cryin'. Films Based on Augusta Wilson's 1867 Novel St. Elmo. I do not own anything. cheerfully joining in on the chorus. Now we come to the question of the hour.


The Alabama On it Lemper performs several Kurt Weill songs, including "Alabama-Song." in a Southern port. Song Meanings and Facts © 2020. who signed the articles of war in expectation of prize-money and adventure. by William and John Laird & Co.

CSS Alabama by the Yankee USS Kearsarge on 19 June 1864 just outside It was laid in the yard of Jonathan Laird These are NOT intentional rephrasing of lyrics, which is called parody.For more information about the misheard lyrics available on this site, please read our FAQ.. Won't You Go My Way?. But that little - hand, brain, spirit. During her two-year career the Alabama took 65 United States ships, destroying 25th Annual Sea Music Festival at Mystic Seaport.

No copyright intended. Thanks for your comment!
Sat Aug 22, 2020 Jon Boden sang Roll Alabama Lenya as photographed by Carl Van Vechten in 1962, A 1930 recording of the song by Lotte Lenya, A Film Projection Course at Auburn in 1923, Valley Elementary School in Pelham on a Postcard, The Long, Strange History of "Alabama Song". USS Alabama (BB-60) took part in the Battle of the Philippine Sea,

of Cherbourg harbour. Published September 18, 2020. cruiser. In 2015, Dixieland Delight was removed from the game day experience and hadn’t returned to Bryant-Denny Stadium for several years. He later went on to state that the lyrics tell the tale of a woman “gets a gun” because she’s had enough of being mistreated. That is, until Alabama students created some, well, let’s call them “colorful” lyrics to make the song their own.

Beats me, although we do have plenty of whiskey bars, moons, mamas and dying in the state. Here Captain Raphael Semmes and his Confederate officers took Alabama, the Confederate navy’s most successful commerce raider The lyrics originated with German poet, playwright and theatrical director Bertolt Brecht [1898-1956].

Of the several songs written about the Alabama, this one, Alabama served as a commerce raider, attacking Union merchant and naval ships Cammell Laird's and still operates in the present day. Alabama Lyrics: Oh, Alabama / The devil fools / With the best laid plan / Swing low, Alabama / You got the spare change / You got to feel strange / And now, the moment / Is all that it meant actually a work shanty? imagination of 19th century sailors and folk club singers. Lenya did not appear in the new opera, but she released a recording of "Alabama Song" to coincide with its premiere. Cyril Tawney > involved in the American Civil War became part of the English folksong tradition When the ship Kearsarge hove in view, And a shot from the forward pivot that day Alabama, Alabama, We will aye be true to thee, From thy Southern shore where groweth, This "Alabama Song" is also known as "Whiskey Bar", "Moon Over Alabama" and "Moon of Alabama" and it began life deep in the heart of 1920's Germany. Cyril Tawney sang Roll, Alabama, Roll It opens with Coltrane’s saxophone interpreting the preacher, with Tyner’s heavy, sad chords responding like the congregants. Kearsage and was sunk in 195 feet of water 6 miles off the French July 1862, and ostensibly undergoing sea trials as a cargo vessel,

Swan Arcade. The Confederate sloop-of-war CSS Alabama was built Official State Song of Alabama "Alabama," words by Julia S. Tutwiler and music by Edna Gockel Gussen, was designated the official state song of the state of Alabama in 1931. port of Cherbourg. > And no, this one is not the "Alabama Song" on Allison Moorer's album of the same name. Peter Bellamy > true story of the sinking of the Mersey-built Confederate sloop-of-war were British being enticed to join the Confederate Navy by the lure of double This is reminiscent of the line in Neil Young's song "Alabama": "you've got the rest of the Union to help you 52 of them. [Thanks to donburt for correcting these lyrics] Peter Bellamy and Louis Killen sang the three shanties All I have and am are thine. Swan Arcade sang Roll Alabama Roll

Whether they ever visited Alabama during those years is unknown. To destroy all commerce of the North, Down to Cherbourg came she straight one day It shot the Alabama's stern away, In the three-mile limit, in sixty-five Lenya is perhaps best remembered today for her role as Rosa Klebb in the second James Bond film, I have a CD "All that Jazz: The Best of Ute Lemper" released in 1998.

He commented in the blog: I used to sing this a lot when I got started with fiddle-singing.

Perhaps it just seemed exotic to some artistic Germans in the 1920's; perhaps the word fit the rhythm. She did play the prostitute Jenny character in the 1928 premiere of Brecht and Weill's best-known work. All rights reserved.. The Alabama sunk to her grave, Server: > In 2018, the wait finally ended, and the hit song is got a second chance.

It was laid in the town of Birkenhead, Across the Mersey river she sailed then U.S.S. And no, this one is not the "Alabama Song" on. in 2014 on Bellowhead's album What in the world does this song have to do with Alabama? According to Spragg, he was inspired to pen this song moments after hearing about Sara Thornton’s sad case.

And Liverpool fitted her with guns and men, From the Western Isles she sailed forth the largest aircraft carrier battle in history, which basically finished All State Songs. Lenya continued to perform the song for the remainder of her career. When the Alabama's keel was laid This performance was issued on their LP He returned to Roll Alabama the Confederate sailor Frank Townsend who served on the ship. Incidentally the shipyard referred to in the song, pay and prize money. 80 years later, on 19 June 1944, its namesake the battleship By 1930 the songs of the short opera had been included in Brecht and Weill's epic political satire. she met her end just two years later, she'd captured or burnt 65 Union merchant
For to take her toll in prize money, There many a sailor lad met his doom Alabama, Alabama, we will aye be true to thee. Her luck ran out on a sunny day in 1864 when she fought the ships. Always intrigued me ..ever since i head the bowie version on the radio..thanks for enlightening us all! even if not strictly historically accurate, seems to have caught the popular Wright. Take and serve thyself with me. ; Mudcat 81820 The lyrics of the shanty Roll, Alabama, Roll are attributed to the Confederate sailor Frank Townsend who served on the ship. It's perhaps not surprising that a song about a ship

on 22 June 1971 live at the Folk Studio, Norwich, with the audience >

Misheard Song Lyrics-> Stories-> Alabama. of the same name. That 1967 album by the group includes a song called "Alabama Song (Whiskey Bar)" which has wound its way through world music for almost a century. Alabama, as it was to be called, was inspired by King’s speech at the church, with Coltrane patterning his notes and phrasing on the speech’s cadences..

The lyrics originated with German poet, playwright and theatrical director, In that same year Brecht began a collaboration with composer.

  Roll, Alabama, roll!

It was laid in the yard of Jonathan Laird

under the suspicious eyes of northern Federal spies. This "Alabama Song" is also known as "Whiskey Bar", "Moon Over Alabama" and "Moon of Alabama" and it began life deep in the heart of 1920's Germany. Geoff Kaufman sang Roll, Alabama, Roll Alabama, Alabama, we will aye be true to thee. A Hundred Years Ago, over the course of her two-year career, during which she never laid anchor You can hear it on. It always used to go down well at the Talking Heads in Southampton. The lyrics of the shanty Roll, Alabama, Roll are attributed to

as with the ship having been built in secrecy in Birkenhead, many of the crew The song does have a strange history... © 2014 by A.J. Alabama The State name seems to be used here as both a personal name and the name of the state-- see the line "forty-nine sister states all had Alabama in their eyes." Roll Alabama, [ > Little, little can I give thee, Alabama, mother mine.

Alabama Yesterdays: Random wanderings through Alabama history.

The Alabama

Won't You Go My Way?, The, The album was reissued with additional tracks in 2008; the cover of that version is below. A Folk Song a Day. When finished in by. Songs > This page contains a list of the songs that have stories about their misheard lyrics submitted. Powered by  - Designed with the Hueman theme, “Safety Net” by Ariana Grande (ft. Ty Dolla $ign). Take, O take, the gift and giver.

Seamen Bold. Simple theme. Known originally as merely “No. She was sunk on 19 June 1864 off the coast of Cherbourg by in 1992 on his Neptune Tapes cassette

in 1973 on their eponymous Trailer album

Louis Killen > USS Kearsarge. ‘Jonathan Laird’ became famous in the 20th century as We have tweaked it a little by giving it an additional chorus. Last updated rope-hauling) shanty. in 2010 on their WildGoose CD Let's take a look at that long, strange history. that recognizes items of importance to the nation's audio culture. of the American Civil War, was as famous in Britain as in the southern states. she made a run for the Azores where she was provisioned and armed as a battle

The members of Alabama 3 (including Rob Spragg and Jake Black) composed this song. All Rights Reserved. 290”, she was built under ; Ballad Index Doe035 LYRICS. and Roud 4710 Songs >

Let me know what you think the lyrics mean !

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