If the U-2 incident does not occur and the Paris summit becomes a historical reality with some sort of (test ban/Berlin) treaty/resolution photo opp with Khrushchev, Eisenhower and NIXON standing together promising peace in our time....Nixon very well wins the election he, in reality, lost in one of the closest elections in US History. ( Log Out / 

NO, I DON'T THINK JFK HAD ANY BIG PART OF THE MOTIVATION OR WAS IT FORESEEN HE WOULD BENEFIT, NOR WAS IT KEY TO 1960 ELECTION, THE U-2. REVOLVING DOOR BETWEEN GENERALS ADMIRALS AND CEO/CFO AT THE PENTAGON AND AEROSPACE INDUSTRY......MORE LATER////// ?????? The General states that he will take this to the people and let them decide. Her lack of skill in the English language precluded her from knowing exactly what he had read. Apparently he made everyone on the plane he was traveling aware of his presence when th enews was first announced. Please don't take this as complete until manana. Nonetheless he shares his concerns over what this could mean in the worst case scenario….a planned military coup of the government that is to occur that Sunday, only 4 days away. .

What do we know about him? Especially if Lee Harvey Oswald did attempt to contact a "John Hurt" while he was in custody. Completly plausible that someone had to know and influenced the motorcade planning. If, for example, the country had a young President, and he had a Bay of Pigs, there would be a certain uneasiness. "No, I believe that the then out of the military General Taylor may have shared information with the Kennedy campaign with the intent of gaining influence (which he did in some way, becoming Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff)." I do not believe Walker knew the reason for those letters, just that they were additional cover for his "right wing" bonifides. And what purpose would Taylor have in that? I reread your seminar, Serendipity, discussion of which I'm sorry we're not able to continue on this forum.

Yes. I guess you could look at it either way. What conspiratorial purpose was served by Walker's incitement to riot at 'Ole Miss and his resultant commitment to a mental institution? Fortunately, the very beginning of the press conference is put on pause and the President is briefed that the evidence they thought they lost in the plane crash has been recovered. It is a huge, and probably mistaken leap, to buy into the story of "General Ed Walker's attempted murder by Oswald." He was chief of staff of the European Command in 1949. He has advanced freedom and free markets on talk-radio stations all across the country as well as on Fox News’ Neil Cavuto and Greta van Susteren shows and he appeared as a regular commentator on Judge Andrew Napolitano’s show Freedom Watch.

I’ll tell you quite unequivocally, I’ll not tell the reason for your resignation, if that were ever made public this country would go down the drain. The Walker "Pro Blue Program" begins in the days immediatly following the State Departments decision which says that Oswald must leagally be allowed back into the US. I was convinced he was not a wheeler dealer; he was not an irresponsible swashbuckler, and I finally succeeded in getting him his star as a general-very difficult . JFK had been a soldier/sailor in World War II. The McCarthy scare, with its Congressional hearings and blacklisting, was in the recent past. Along with the other members of the Joint Chiefs who were involved in this treason. Twenty years before he had faced gunfire. Minh was bitter about province chief's role in military chain of command saying that although Gen. McGarr had fought for and won on the single . Although above is not new Minh seemed particularly discouraged....When analyzed, most of Minh's comments in military field are occasioned by lack of overall coordination and cooperation. Variety

', General Taylor had sent a cable to Saigon saying that 'authorities are now having second thoughts' about Diem.

Possibly even attack us?

But Ambassador Nolting's cables and the main paper of the Report show a very similar tendency to take note of political problems, but put almost all the emphasis on the need for better military tactics and more efficient administrative arrangements. He replaced Henry Cabot Lodge as ambassador to Saigon in 1964, and many have puzzled over that...the role of Maxwell Taylor in melding the civilian agencies with the military agencies is well known.

The U-2 became less important with the launch of the Corona satellite in August, 1961. He taught the FSSF undercover and covert techniques for gathering intel. But it is covered better in the next question/answer. As I said, I went back and reread in an effort not to require such revisiting, or tolerance of my slowness. The sabotage of the Paris Summit was a terrible blow to Eisenhower as well. "Look at the dates. I believe that the downing of the U-2 was a planned operation. Japan’s NHK TV: Oswald in the Eyes of the CIA, Reelz Channel to air discredited JFK theory, Quora question: “A CIA document released in 1977 reports French government officials asking the FBI why a rogue French captain and OAS operative was being deported from Texas shortly after the JFK assassination. Do you believe that the U-2 was downed by the Soviets at all? That’s not where you hear the voice of the people General, not in this Republic. I think many of us formed our initial impression of Maxwell Taylor from these texts. I do not believe Walker knew the reason for those letters, just that they were additional cover for his "right wing" bonifides. Three Questions for Investigators of the COVID19 Intelligence Failure. However, the President does not back down and there is an argument that ensues between the two on what the true democratic process is, and thus the true upholding of the Constitution.

?????? Your writings on the subject of Max Taylor are masterful. and the rigidity of Massive Retaliation. 118 min Write to Editor@jfkfacts.org. government cannot tolerate a situation in which power lies in Nhu's hands.'

The mention of General Walker in the same sentence with McCarthy is also telling.   | 

And what evidence is there that there was an actual "attempt on Walker's life?". You seem to be saying that Walker was as much a patsy as Oswald. ", Point #5 is key to the Max Taylor stuff, and his Uncertain Trumpet transcendence of MAD, which attracted Kennedy so. I am surprized that my potential linking of John B. I have often wondered if Oswald read the book.

Lansdale was no match for Taylor's palace intrigue. The review is interesting and quotes Kennedy with an ofhand remark about generals that he knows that might attempt such a plot.

REVOLVING DOOR BETWEEN GENERALS ADMIRALS AND CEO/CFO AT THE PENTAGON AND AEROSPACE INDUSTRY......MORE LATER//////. So what was all the YELLING about? Charles W. Bailey II (novel), It is believed by General Scott and certain members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, that the Soviets cannot be trusted to honor such a treaty and that the President is being played as a fool. It smacks of a spychief beyond anything the civilian agency could conjure up. Some believe that Kennedy was actually involved in helping with the novel because of it's accurate discription of the route that would be taken by the Washington elite to "Mount Thunder" in the event of a nuclear attack. Is that just coincidence. In dark alleys? One summer week-end in 1962 while out sailing with friends, Kennedy was asked what he thought of Seven Days in May, a best-selling novel that described a military takeover in the United States. I will go through my questions and your responses to them, and paraphrase what I understand your answer to be in direct terms in red: RIGHT, THE THING IS A PUT UP JOB OSWALD EITHER DIDN'T DO OR MAYBE DID IT UNDER ORDERS BUT IT LOOKS LIKE A FAKE FRAME TO PIN THE LONE NUT THING ON OSWALD--MARINA'S TESTIMONY IS WORTHLESS TO ME, WHE WAS VERY SCARED AND VERY COACHED.

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