Abbott Promises No Change To GST, No Cuts To Education, Health, Pensions, ABC Or SBS, Australian Greens 2013 Federal Election Platform, 2013 Federal Election Count – Twitter LIVE BLOG, Abbott Leads Coalition To Decisive Victory; Rudd Saves The Furniture And Quits ALP Leadership; Labor Loses 14 Seats With Lowest Primary Vote Since 1931, Of Votes And Bodies: The Labor Party’s Election Defeat, Transition To Abbott Government Begins; Shorten, Albanese Vie For ALP Leadership As Recriminations Start; Mirabella Struggling In Indi; Palmer Takes Fairfax; Micro Parties Descend On Senate, Federal Election: Latest Results In Key Seats, Coalition Edging Towards 90 Seats As Election Counting Continues, Shorten Announces Candidacy For ALP Leadership, ALP Vote Deteriorating In Final Stages Of Counting; 55 Seats May Be 53 When All Votes Are In, A Labor Leader Departs: Kevin Rudd’s Address To The ALP Parliamentary Caucus, Albanese Enters Contest For ALP Leadership; Rank And File Ballot In Coming Weeks, Anthony Albanese Announces His Candidacy For The ALP Leadership, Bill Shorten Says ALP Leadership Contest Should Be Civil And Focus On Big Ideas, ALP Back In Lead In McEwen; McGowan And Palmer Leads Narrow, 2013 Federal Election Analysis: Kerry O’Brien, Tony Abbott Sworn In As Australia’s 28th Prime Minister, Sophie Mirabella Concedes Defeat In Indi; Palmer Falls Behind In Fairfax, Christine Milne And Adam Bandt Re-Elected To Lead Greens, Palmer United Party Wins Senate Seat In Tasmania, Positioning Labor For The Future: Bill Shorten’s Leadership Pitch, Palmer Wins By 7 Votes, Triggering Recount; Final Senate Results Now On Way, Greens Seek Recount After Scott Ludlam Loses Western Australian Senate Seat, The New Senate Numbers And The Abbott Government, Electoral Commission Refuses Request For Senate Recount In W.A. [10] During the recount it was determined that 1,375 WA Senate ballot papers could not be located. The year of three prime ministers begin with Julia Gillard but then saw Kevin Rudd overthrow the woman who had herself deposed him in 2010. The Power And The Passion – A Personal View. "Preference whisperer" Glenn Druery organised tight cross-preferencing between many minor parties. Bob Katter narrowly held on in Kennedy, whilst Clive Palmer snatched Fairfax from the LNP in Queensland. Senate Poll To Consider Recount Request, Electoral Commissioner Orders Senate Recount In Western Australia, Orientation Day For New Members Of The House Of Representatives, Bob Carr Resigns From The Senate, Abandons Promise To Beat Strom Thurmond, Brian Loughnane: Liberal Party’s 2013 Federal Election Analysis, George Wright: ALP’s 2013 Federal Election Analysis, Deborah O’Neill Appointed To Fill Bob Carr’s Casual Senate Vacancy, Seats Changing Hands At The 2013 Federal Election, AEC Loses 1,375 Votes In WA Senate Count; Mick Keelty To Investigate, Clive Palmer Wins Fairfax By 53 Votes After Recount, 2013 Primary Vote Winners, Preference Vote Losers, Fairfax Poll Declared; Palmer Praises Democracy, Greens And Sports Party Prevail In WA Senate Count; Next Stop Court Of Disputed Returns, Governor-General’s Proclamation Summoning Parliament, Keelty Begins Inquiry Into Missing Senate Votes, Abbott Government Outlines Legislative Program For First Parliamentary Sittings, Missing W.A. This website is in imminent danger of being shut down. The Myth Of The Ten-Week Election Campaign In 1984, Jingoistic, Xenophobic, Protectionist: Bill Shorten’s March To The Fringe In Speech To Submarine Workers, Carbon Tax Repeal Bill Defeated In Senate As Palmer Squabbles With Government Over Amendments, The Result Of Clive Palmer’s Al Gore Stunt: Carbon Tax Abolished, ETS Dead, Terri Butler Wins Griffith By-Election For ALP; Status Quo Result Sees 0.68% Swing To Liberals, The Malcolm Mackerras Six And The Question Of How To Define A Landslide.

The only incumbent Liberal MP to lose her seat was Sophie Mirabella in Indi. September 7, 2013. More information is available at the Patreon website. [15][16][17] The challenge was successful and a fresh half senate election was held, the Australian Senate special election in Western Australia, 2014. [9] The Coalition government will require the support of at least six non-coalition Senators to pass legislation.

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