That been said they could also be bought and I was really shocked at the prices.

We're testing out a new PVP feature called... Room Codes! Bones are the new in-game currency earned by purely playing the CvC mode, think of it as the gold you receive in the CvE. We’ll be back on Twitch tomorrow to discuss how the tournament went and everything on the Roadmap.

This seemed to have been an issue that was flagged early on and is being worked on to see what may be causing this as it also appeared in the development stream when SC_Thomas and SC_Brad were the only two online and still unable to find each other. The CvC mode will be a fantastic and engaging mode for Stream Raiders that will honestly drive more social interaction for both your own streams and between your community and the communities of other captains. Streamers are the Captains and Viewers make up the army!

We’ve got big announcements, even bigger surprises, and of course - the final drawing for the $30k Versus Invitattional Tournament! We're gonna draw the Challenger Rewards winners for those of you who earned tickets in PVP this week but were not in the Tourney! For any streamer and their moderator team, this is not a fun event because you throw away the next 3-4 hours of your stream to put Stream raiders as your focus game, and you and your mods are running raffles and contacting people.

Descend into the depths of Streamlandia to experience the Inferno. 10/28 - 6-7pm PT; PVP FINALS (. Shadowside goes live tomorrow, 10/28 at 7pm (PT), immediately following the Tournament Finals! Wow today’s stream is jam packed with awesome stuff! The enemy team could then place multiple lower-level units. Every ticket is a chance to win one of our Challenger Rewards, including Twitch and Amazon Gift Cards! Surprise! Jump in and let us know how it goes.

Stream Raiders @StreamRaiders. . I know I have just fired a wall of text at you all, and many of it may not be the best first impression, but I thought it better, to be honest.

Wow this one guy must be incredibly dedicated. Now I understand the need to make profitable skins, but a $20 increase came as quite a big shock as I have been playing Stream Raiders since closed alpha and seen a lot of special events and skins come and go. Watch all of StreamCaptain's best archives, VODs, and highlights on Twitch.

10/28 - 2-6pm PT; PVP tournament!

Captains are still able to place an epic unit as their single unit for each match, but unfortunately, epics are not available for community members to place in CvC.

sc_brad and JuiceticeTV are shout casting the final battles live on Twitch - RIGHT NOW! We will never know. Versus is live for the next 24 hours. I modified the skins a bit but I'm very happy with the results Show this thread.

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